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By Boris Mann on April 2, 2004 - 1:04am

Urban Vancouver is Vancouver's community blog brought to you by Bryght. Urban Vancouver is a Bryght site.

This site brings together all the blogs and websites we can find out about Vancouver related topics and our comments on these blogs and websites as well as what you the citizens of Vancouver want to write about! Think you can do better than what appears on the front page? Then sign up! Membership to the site gets you:

  • a free blog with all posts published to the front page (subject to the terms and conditions of course)
  • image gallery
  • event listings
  • your name attached to forum posts and comments (you don't need to sign up for those)

Currently, UV has four editors Roland Tanglao, Richard Eriksson, Kris Krug and Boris Mann. Questions, comments or want to help out? To contact us:

  • use the site feedback forum or the contact us
  • call us at 604 682 2889 (don't be surprised if you get Bryght voice mail message; it makes sense since Urban Vancouver is a Bryght site!)
  • email us directly info AT urbanvancouver DOT com


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