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David Eby: Official loser.

By samanthaorwell on September 21, 2008 - 3:23am

For full post:

But alas, Vision Vancouver failed to nominate David Eby.
Who woulda thunk it? I thought David Eby was a shoe in. Who can resist that freakishly tall man with a soft-spot for housing social justice?
I certainly can't, especially when he offers to come to my house to talk himself up. No, that was not meant to sound condescending at all. I really was pushing for David.

I don't get it. What happened? To my knowledge, the only thing that David Eby could have done wrong is run a strong slate for housing and homeless issues. *gasp* may I maybe infer that Vision Vancouver's membership is too moderate to push a candidate like Eby through?

Now dare I ask Mr. Eby to run with COPE?
No, Dave really does lose face if he attempts to put together his fallen [short lived] political career.
Go back to Pivot, Eby. If they will let you back in.

Now to everybody, why did he lose?

a) Moderate Vision Vancouver voters (Vision as a "progressive centre left" is a myth)
b) There were just too many other great candidates ahead of him (or ones more closely tied socially/politically/historically to the Vision campaign)
c) Distaste for the housing/homelessness slate
d) Inexperienced in politics
e) Freakishly tall
f) All of the above
g) Some of the above
h) Choose your own adventure.

A date with David Eby?

By samanthaorwell on July 26, 2008 - 4:39pm

David Eby is thoughtfully opening his schedule up to Vancouver citizens who want to know what he's all about. As you may know he is running for Vision Vancouver, but must first win a nomination in the Vision primary on September 20th.

In short, he's inviting YOU to contact HIM so you will sign up with Vision Vancouver and help his nomination.
So, to get all partisan on yo ass, TheVancouverManifesto is asking you to sign up with Vision and nominate this kind fellow.

Just the fact that he is has been going TO the people in small groups shows that he is a politician that can uphold transparency and accessability.

David Eby is good people, read his call for supporters:
Dearest loyal blog readers, I'm asking you to invite me into your homes to meet your friends and families.

Yes, believe it or not, a politician in your very own home, not unlike Mr. Burns' run for state governor and the three-eyed fish incident on the Simpsons. But hopefully with a better ending.

Filing a sexual harassment complaint

By samanthaorwell on July 23, 2008 - 12:33pm


I have decided to file a complaint. My letter will describe the incident and demand that there be sensitivity training prior to the hiring process and, furthermore, if there are complaints made, formal mandatory classes into harassment and gender equity and suspension until they are fully completed.

Now my question to the men out there: I DO realize that these policies arely do exist at many institutions. And many of my own male-friends go through them and, to be be honest, they say they are a bitch to go through and they already know what to do and what not to do. And they do fine when passing through the motions of these "sensitivity trainings". My question is do these work at all? Do you llike..think twice about the words that come out of your mouth? Or do you just go through the motions, pass it, and resume your everyday behaviour.

Men are scum

By samanthaorwell on July 22, 2008 - 8:30pm

Cat calling has reached a new level.

Now I have been subject to some pretty horrid experiences in my life but today was beyond demeaning and annoying.

I was walking to school this morning on campus and a group of campus groundskeepers sitting on a bench whistled at me. I walked briskly and avoided all eye contact and got out of eye-line of them. I walked a bit further and was approached by another groundskeeper who looked me up and down and then said, "looking good" in a slimy creepy voice.

I then took the road less travelled, quite literally, to avoid anybody possible. Another groundskeeper approached! And he had his radio in-hand and spoke into it as he passed by saying, "yeah... things are definitely looking hot today".

They were using their radios to practically stalk me across campus so they could objectfiy me!

Seriously now.. I am beyond sick of this kind of behaviour from men. Don't you know that behaviour like that repulses women? It makes us feel sick to our stomachs? You are doing us no favour. And do you know that you give your entire gender a bad rep when you act so disgustingly?

Health care getting less free

By samanthaorwell on July 17, 2008 - 12:15pm

Many people think that Canada has free healthcare. Yes and no. Canada has universal healthcare which means we, technically, don't deny anybody the right to basic health services- but we sure do pay for it. And a recent report shows that in the last 25 years we've been paying more for it.

Our taxes are supposedly paying the cost to run this universal healthcare system, but the government has been offloading this reposnsibility for years. What does this amount to at the end of the day? "Canadians spent $452 per capita on health care in 2007, compared to $222 in 1981, in real terms" and, more importantly, it means people having less ability to maintain their health.

Outsourcing women’s wombs: Surrogacy in the third world

By samanthaorwell on July 10, 2008 - 1:43pm

I’m watching Oprah right now. I try not to make it a habit but I only have access to channel 9 and I like to watch TV when I prepare my lunch.

The topic is surrogacy. She is interviewing this white American couple who has been trying for three years to get pregnant. Oprah asks them the standard questions about the “alternatives”. White woman explains how she has tried and tried and it was getting expensive, they were getting demoralized blahblah. And she says, “we both come from big families [her and her husband] and we always expected we would have our own big family as well. We considered surrogacy but it was so expensive in the states….” Note that she does not address Oprah’s suggestion of adoption [another ideology-stricken episode where an adopted child “isn’t really your own].

( a woman I’d like to say that I would adopt, but I feel like we have to address why we feel that way and recognize that there is a social construction of what makes you a parent to a child)

Anyhow, so this white woman goes to India for her surrogacy. The price differential is significant. It costs about $80 000 in the united states compared to $12 000 (6000 of which is given to the Indian woman carrying the child).

David Eby will run for Vision Vancouver- my almost hero

By samanthaorwell on July 9, 2008 - 9:05pm


David Eby (Pivot Legal Society) will officially announce tomorrow that he will be running for council with Vision Vancouver's backing.

Tremendous considering David Eby is a local hero.
I just wish he had decided to run with COPE.

But seeing where COPE is at now I can see why he did it.

Political Opportunity theory, a social movement theory that predicts why social action/change occurs, states that social movement actors and organizations find "windows of opportunity" in an environment or setting to make a political impact/ make political gains for a movement (see Kreisi 2007).
Couple that with Rosenthal (2000) "…the concessions that have been granted on the local and national level are not the result of any single form of pressure, but the result of what I have called "the good cop/bad cop" dynamic in which concessions are granted to a more "deserving" group to coopt, discredit, or otherwise undermine more militant actions and radical demands of "undeserving" groups" (124).

Now this works a tad differently given that Vision and COPE are the political groups and NOT the social movement groups (grassroots and otherwise) that usually lobby the government for social change. but really, the same rules apply.

3 handsome possibilities

By samanthaorwell on June 18, 2008 - 2:39pm

Fabula (Francis Bula) has been doing an “addictively” sensational job covering the municipal elections. Some comments:

I’ve come up with 3 handsome possibilities for November:

Possibility of a Vision-COPE alliance?
I like the sounds of that actually. I would vote for Vision’s playboy-juice man if he were endorsed by my favourite oppositional Santa Claus-looking councilor, David Cadman. As previously discussed, Vision and COPE don’t’ necessarily have to duke it out if both of them can agree to be chummy. As Fabula stated, Gregor Robertson isn’t one of the “traitors” that split COPE and therefore is baggageless.
And there are also talks of David Eby and Andrea Reimer running. I assume Andrea Reimer will be aligned with Vision… David Eby? Where would he be? I think he should be aligned with COPE because everybody would vote for David Eby just because he’s a freaking hero.

COPE runs David Cadman

Juice man squeezes out first ballot victory: Gregor Robertson wins Vision nomination

By samanthaorwell on June 15, 2008 - 9:45pm


So Gregor Robertson wins on the first ballot. Easily. I must say, I am surprised.
No surprise De Genova didn't have a chance though.

But I'm surprised there was a sorry turnout for Louie. I still think Louie would have been the better candidate against Ladner. Now, come election in November you have pretty much the same people running against eachother. Robertson has been called, "Peter Ladner's younger, taller, more tanned brother". Pretty much the same politics, just different parties.

I still believe Ladner will take it in November. He's got more experience and he's much more competent than our little playboy-juice man Gregor.

But how about the news of a Louie campaigner coming out to tell Francis Bula the they lost. Talk about unprofessional. That campaigner is going to be in trouble, no doubt. You don't admit defeat until it is official. Especially to media.

You can read more from Francis Bula:

[Robertson] defeated two-term city councillor Raymond Louie and park-board commissioner Allan De Genova. The vote drew a record number of voters, almost 7,000 out of 13,000 members, which is almost unheard of for a civic nomination race. He won easily on the first ballot with over 3,400 votes out of 6,771.

Vision Vancouver prediction

By samanthaorwell on June 15, 2008 - 9:54am

Raymond Louie.

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