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My 1 year anniversary of bicycling to work

By Roland Tanglao on June 25, 2008 - 10:16am

Almost exactly one year ago, I started bicycling to work thanks to VanCity and its Bike Share program. Now I bicycle to work 3-5 times a week rain or shine and am a small 'e' bicycling enthusiast. Really if you are reasonably fit and live and work within in the city of Vancouver there's no reason NOT to cycle to work. More reflections later, but here's my bicycle route that I took today to go to the BEST Pancake Breakfast.
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Bicycling With Amy Walker to all Car Free Vancouver 2008 Venues on June 15, 2008 and streaming video from my bike

By Roland Tanglao on June 14, 2008 - 1:05am

[Cross posted from Roland]

Car Free Vancouver 2008 Brochure - Riding with Amy Walker on June 15, 2008

Wearing my Mobile Muse 3 technical evangelist and Fearless volunteer hats, I'll be riding my bicycle with Amy Walker, publisher of the fabulous Momentum magazine about all things bicycling, as part of Car Free Vancouver 2008 starting from the Fearless Mobile Booth on Commercial Drive at 12 noon Sunday June 15, 2008. We'll ride to all the other Car Free Vancouver venues (Main Street, the West End and Kitsilano) and stream video live from my bike to the internet.


Check us out at:

Raincity Studios acquires Bryght

By Roland Tanglao on November 20, 2007 - 11:12pm

Some may know that Urban Vancouver is run by Bryght and that I am one of the founders of Bryght. I am happy to announce that Bryght was acquired by Raincity Studios who we have partnered closely with over many years. What does this mean for Urban Vancouver? Nothing! Business as usual.

What does this mean for Gastown? Well we're hiring :-) !

From the official Raincity Acquires Bryght Announcement:

With great enthusiasm, we are pleased to announce that Raincity Studios has acquired the (almost-legendary) Drupal pioneer company, Bryght. The companies have enjoyed a longtime collaboration offering complementary services as they've grown professionally together. Our cultures and personalities are a great match and everyone around here is eager to see what we can create together.

Co-creating the Creative City - Mark Kuznicki - Video

By Roland Tanglao on November 6, 2007 - 4:59am

[Original MP4 file]

More info:

Dogeaters at Studio 58 Langara until Saturday - a very brief review

By Roland Tanglao on October 12, 2007 - 12:29am

Dogeaters program in Dim Light - Image378

Dogeaters (a play based on a famous Filipino novel by Jessica Hagedorn) at Langara's fantastic Studio 58 is a must see if you are interested at all in the Philippines. And a bargain at less than $20! The play is unsettling, funny, melodramatic, corny, religious, profane, profound, and sacrilegious, and shows the seamy, corrupt side of the Filipino style of religion, military, politics, and nepotism. In short it mirrors my relationship to my Filipino heritage :-) And the flashbacks and parallels to Benigno Aquino and his life are uncanny and chilling.

Quibbles: accents were off, in particular the frequent mis-pronunciation of "lang" and "di ba" was grating. C'mon there are over 50,000 Canadians of Filipino heritage in Metro Vancouver, could we not have had at least one Filipino actor who could do the accent perfectly? Please? Next time?

Cycling East Van to Gastown - N95 Style

By Roland Tanglao on October 3, 2007 - 1:42pm

UPDATE: For those who can't play the Viddler flash version of the movie below, here's the original MPEG-4 movie

I have a brand new shiny Nokia N95-1 phone for a week and have been tasked with recording my commute.

So here's part of my East Van to Gastown commute from yesterday (I would have done the whole thing but I accidentally forgot to turn the recording on).

Cycling Tyee to Gastown

By Roland Tanglao on September 19, 2007 - 12:38pm

Download full res 65 Megabyte MP4 file

Shaky video shot on my Nokia N93 live from my bicycle handheld as I ride from The Tyee school in East Van to Bryght in Gastown.

My bike commute is approximately 5km one way

By Roland Tanglao on September 17, 2007 - 12:46am

According to Google Maps, my commute via bike to/from work in Gastown to home at Woodlands and 15th i.e. Clark Park is approximately 5km.

Check out the map of my bicycling route below. What's your route? Leave a comment.

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Lighting for my bike? What should I buy to see and be seen?

By Roland Tanglao on September 13, 2007 - 11:15am

Ray sent me this hilarious look at cycling in Amsterdam. Hilarious because it's written from a naive point of view from somebody who doesn't seem to have travelled much or lived in a non car-dominated city :-) . Also funny because it does have some good insights. I have "new skool" type front and back generator powered lights on my 1997 Swiss bike which uses a cool relatively friction-less generator.

However it's not enough light (but great that it's always on and doesn't require batteries and the back light flashes when I stop) for those Vancouver winter nights and cloudy days in my opinion. What type of supplimentary lighting should I get? Cheap and cheerful $10 helmet mounted front white and rear red LED lights from MEC? Let me know in the comments please.

Paul Hillsdon's Surrey Cycling Ideas

By Roland Tanglao on September 12, 2007 - 12:29pm

How do we learn from the lessons of the cycling network in the City of Vancouver to the rest of Metro Vancouver? Check out Paul Hillsdon's Surrey Cycling Initiative for some ideas.

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