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Dosanjh Leaves NDP, Runs in Federal Election for Liberals

Dosanjh Leaves NDP, Runs in Federal Election for Liberals

By Richard Eriksson on April 3, 2004 - 1:13am

CTV has the story that's been flashed on the front of The Province yesterday: former B.C. premier Ujjal Dosanjh is going to run in the Vancouver South riding [PDF] as a Liberal in the next federal election. Critics--from the NDP--called the move opportunistic, but many NDPers never forgave him anyway for dealing the death blow to then-premier Glen Clark's political career while Dosanjh was attorney general. Opportunistic, maybe, but that's because he wants to win.

Nomination processes aren't very democratic in this country--basically sign up as many members as you can and either get them to show up at the convention or make sure they mail in their ballots. The best organized candidates win nominations, and not necessarily the best candidates. I'm also willing to bet that despite organizationally being the same party, in B.C., members of the NDP who support the provincial party don't necessarily fully support the national party, and vice versa.


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