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Fido Sucks

Fido Sucks

By MisterLips on August 1, 2005 - 2:27pm

I live in Toronto, and switched from Rogers AT&T after nine years of great service, to Fido, for their $25 unlimited incoming package.

What a big mistake, had I known that FIDO SUCKS, I would not have done this.

After they claim they switched to the Rogers network, I no longer get reception in my home.  And dealing with their reps at the 1-800 number is a complete waste of time.  I have never spoken to anyone there who did what they said they would do.


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on October 1, 2005 - 11:23am.

I used to work for FIDO. I can tell you you are right on each account. The only thing they stress is sales. After the sale no one gives a damn. The billing systems hasnt worked right from day one and people get overbilled. This is common practice for cell phone companies but at FIDO they really dont have a handle on it. Its fly by the seat of our pants.

To top it off the ohone in customer service is in Montreal and they are all french. They do not like the west and soon as you speak in english the attitude is on high. Even within the company.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on March 15, 2006 - 8:03pm.

I have just recently spent 30 minutes on the phone with Fido support due to an error in billing. The customer service reps were difficult to deal with. Here is a summary of what transpired.
I called today March 14th and spoke with TANYA - who was very helpful - I told her that my internet service was not accessible from my FIDO phone - she explained that there was a block on my cell and that she had reset it and to call back from a land line to ask why I had been billed the last 3 months for Internet usage and to see if my internet did now work.
It did work.
I called back and spoke with SWINGI from Montreal - It took a very long time for me to explain to him that I had wrongly been charged $8.28 for internet usage when the service was "unavailable" as per my fido handset.
SWINGI said he would negotiate refunding me $8.00 - which I tried to explain that it was not up for negotiation. Then I explained to him that I was charged a Roaming Fee for a call "supposedly" made from Washington on Dec 23rd for a call of $3.20. This was on my January 19th invoice on page 10. On page 6 there were calls that I had made on Dec 23rd from TORONTO - which is very far away from Washington as I had to explain to him even though he's from Montreal. He would not credit me.

I called back again to speak to someone else who would listen. I got Jeffery from Montreal. I explained the situation again to him - that it is impossible for me to have made a call FROM WASHINGTON and from ONTARIO at the same time. He didn't believe me and insisted on putting me on hold while he called the number listed as called from Washington, to see if the person who answered the phone new who I was.
When he came back on the line after about 7 min. he said "I will credit you the money maam" I asked if he had called the number and who had answered and he replied "I will credit you the money maam".

This is my first experience using the Fido service and I just wanted to alert you to the kind of service that I have received already only being into my contract not even 4 months.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on October 18, 2007 - 4:49pm.

You know what, I'm sure they suck, but so do all the others. Whatever your plan is, say Bell $50/month, who hasn't gone over their minutes, it's always more. Cell phone companies have got us by the balls now that we're all so reliant. Bastards.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on October 13, 2005 - 10:25am.

I have Fido in Toronto. What a giant waste of time.

I was just told that I do not have free incoming minutes AS STATED IN MY CONTRACT. I've already been told by two differnt reps that I have free incoming minutes but now I no longer have them??

Get your Sh*t together Fido,

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on November 19, 2005 - 6:25pm.

I am extremely angry with FIDO. I hooked up with FIDO when they first hit the lower mainland, however, due to circumstances I need to disconnect 2 of my three lines. DO YOU THINK I CAN GET FIDO TO DO THIS. I have called over and over and spoken with rep after rep and they keep saying "your phones will be disconencted as of the next billing cycle". It has now been two complete cycles and heading into another one. I am getting ripped off. I seem to have no recourse, they do not answer my emails or telephone messages - anyone else experiencing this with FIDO?

Submitted by babykarret on November 22, 2005 - 11:53pm.

I'm on Fido now in Vancouver and I'm moving to Toronto soon, and I'm wanting to take this opportunity to switch carriers because I too am really pissed at Fido. The only thing is, they're owned by Rogers/AT&T now so switching to Rogers really wouldn't be a change at all. Do you guys have any experience with Bell or any other of the carriers back east?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on January 10, 2006 - 12:12pm.

I switched to Fido last spring while living in London, Ontario. I got my phone and a 2 year plan. At first everything seemed great, I had a good signal for about a month. After that I kept getting cut off at my own home and at work. Then they doubled the price of long distence minutes in the second month, I recieved notice by mail almost a month later with a much higher bill than expected. I would also go back to Barrie on Ontario visit my family and I would not get a signal on my parents street wich is also supposed to be in middle of the coverage area.

I was just on the phone with a service rep. today trying to change my number since I just moved to Kamloops BC. He gave me a number in with the wrong area code. I told him this but he said since I was in the same ceverage area as the number I had it would be local. After nearly an hour on the phone explainging to him that Kamloops does exsist and that it is a city of 80,000 plus, I tried to call my own cell phone from home and it is long distance.

I can't wait to call them back again today!!!!!!

Submitted by Pissed (not verified) on February 2, 2006 - 1:17pm.

I have been a Fido customer for 2 years. Service was OK at best. I have moved and have been trying to cancel my service for 3 months. They still have not cancelled it after dozens of calls to the reps. The idiot reps refuse to put me through to a supervisor. If there are any lawyers reading this I think a class action suit is in order with the amont of annoyed users out there.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on February 4, 2006 - 10:57pm.

I`ve had similar experiences with fido.
At the begining of january I spoke to Rep and fixed(was supposed to be fix) a billing issue and finally after confirming that something happended in their system, everything was suppose to be o.k.....ok my !!!!!! they cutted me off two days ago....and the only way to resolve it it`s to get a payment way, why will I pay to arrange their mistake...I`m waiting for a supervisor call...I`m loosing since I use it for work?????should I speak it out loud to media?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on February 7, 2006 - 8:03am.

I don't think many organizations have solid customer relations...but FIDO does truly take the cake. My story started in October 2005 and still hasn't been resolved. I'd been a customer with Fido since 2000- never really had a problem with them, because I never really needed to deal with them. Anyway, I ordered a new cell phone and more than two weeks later I never received it. They told me that according their paperwork I had already signed for it. I told them I hadn't. So they said they'd send out a second phone...BIG MISTAKE! An hour after that conversation someone called me saying the first phone was at a Canada Post outlet. I was worried about getting a second phone, but they told me it had been stopped. I believed them. Stupid me. A day after I got the original phone, the second one showed up. This is where my nightmare began. I sent it back within the two weeks I was allowed, but have yet (Feb 2006) to receive the >$200 they owe me for the phone. Now they have deactivated my phone because I haven't paid an amount that I don't even owe...Does this make any sense to anyone? Which clown is running that company?!?! I'm at my wits end with Fido...but it seems like there are lots of us out there.

Submitted by Wil Rushmer (not verified) on February 9, 2006 - 8:20pm.

mine started in may 2005, ever since then they have refused to send me an invoice, saying i signed up for online billing, which i never have. Everytime my bill is due i have no idea the amount until they call me asking where my money is. I tell them to send me an invoice, they say "sure for 4 bucks" and then they tell me i need to tell customer service i dont want online billing anymore and to send me invoices. I have done this 9 times, telling customer service to take me off online billing. becuase of all this, 5 times I have been charged for the 25.00 cut off fee. This month, they finally sent me an invoice, and for the last 9 months, although they charged me 4 bucks per, I never asked for them all.

Another issue, i got the t610, a real peice of crap, even the customer service people say it is. One of the reason they discontinued it. This phone drops calls like nobodies business. I've sent it in for warranty a total of 5 times, and taken it to stores for direct replacement 6 times (no joke). Phone still sucks! My only option is to buy a new phone with my 14 fido dollars as credit towards it. I got 13 months left on this useless contract and I will be wasting as much as there money as humanly possible buy returning this phone every two weeks or more.

The referral program is a joke too, referred two people, followed there steps, got no credits, both credits ive been fighting for about 6-7 months.

Lokking for a cheap service, call fido.... looking for service that works... look elsewhere

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on February 11, 2006 - 7:35pm.

I live in Vancouver and I use Fido ... I went to a store to but a $10 verture .. SERVICE 4 FIDO Sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I lined up to buy ... I waited .. I waited .. 30 min l8r the saleman with a stupid name called"Donald" comes to tell me I waited in the wrong line .. for nothing!!!!!!!!!! GOD .. I said"I just wanna buy this piece of crap.. it takes 2 seconds!!!" and some other salesperson came and have the nerve to say"Next!" GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so pissed ... FIDo SUCKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! COmplain!!!!!!!!! Never use Fido ever!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on November 29, 2007 - 3:19pm.


Submitted by Minority20 (not verified) on February 23, 2006 - 4:50am.

I've been using Fido in the GTA area in Toronto and haven't had any problems with it. One of the things I found is that your handset really DOES matter with Fido.

I had all my issues solved and max time waiting on the phone was about 2-3 minutes, quite competitive I think. Although I wish they would have more people who speak better english, but I think that's increasingly hard to get in our Canadian melting pot. But definintely compare handsets before bashing Fido, they make all the difference.

Submitted by Minority20 (not verified) on February 23, 2006 - 5:50am.

I've been using Fido in the GTA area in Toronto and haven't had any problems with it. One of the things I found is that your handset really DOES matter with Fido. I've used about 8 different cell phones, and found that my new Sony Ericsson S700i has incredible reception EVERYWHERE. I can't believe it, indoors, garages, apartments, crystal clear. I had earlier phones, such as an Innostream 99 and Innostream 90, and the phones were horrible indoors. They would cut off words and drop calls, or there would be only 1 signal bar. I always thought it was just Fido but it wasn't. Similiar results were achieved with the Sony Ericsson T237, and somewhat better reception was attained with the T610. My dealings with Fido customer service have been good, I had all my issues solved and max time waiting on the phone was about 2-3 minutes, quite competitive I think. Although I wish they would have more people who speak better english, but I think that's increasingly hard to get in our Canadian melting pot. But definintely compare handsets before bashing Fido, they make all the difference.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on March 3, 2006 - 11:07am.

At the time I renewed my contract, Fido had an "Everything Free for 6 Months" Great! The rep assured me that I would be eligible for the promotion for two lines I have. This was a sweetener and part of the reason why I renewed (it certainly wasn't Fidos superior coverage). Anyhow, on the next two bills I noticed that certain services which were supposed to be "free" for 6 months were being charged. I called FIDO and the rep informed me that it was impossible that I qualified for the "6 months free everthing" promotion because they weren't running the promotion at the time I renewed my contract!!! The surly little bastard refused to put me through to a superior and told me that it was my fault for not letting them know. He told me it certainly wasn't the fault of the rep who renewed my contract because she simply made a mistake! The real joke was that during the conversation, the quality of the call was so bad that I had to repeat myself several times. When I commented on the poor quality of the calls, he informed me that they have the best coverage in Canada, but they can't guarantee that any calls indoors would be good!!!

Anyone have any ideas about how to deal with this joke of a company?
Has anyone else been screwed by FIDO's "6 months free everything" scam?

Submitted by babykarret on April 9, 2006 - 9:24am.

I'm living in Toronto right now, and started my contract with them around Christmas 2005, and I think I had a similar but not precisely the same problem as you. I was told that for 4 months, Fido would halve the cost of my package, and since I have the $30 Fido-to-Fido nationwide package, I expected that the package cost (not including service fees, add-ons, blah blah blah) would be $15, and I was told that I would be credited back the amount on the bill. So the first bill comes, and it stays $30--no credits or anything.
So about 3 weeks after I paid the bill I gave Fido a ring to ask them to change my salutation from MR. to MS., then mentioned it. The rep on the phone told me that he doesn't have the option to give me back my money over the phone, so he told me to go back to the store where I had signed the contract. It just so happens that I was calling from the mall where I'd bought the phone, so a 2 minute walk later, I was back where it all began; stood in line, explained the problem, and I knew that the guy I was talking to recognized me from the previous month because I had visited the store at least 2 or 3 times to make up my mind around Christmas Eve on the phone and package. He told me, "Fido's been outsourcing a lot of their call centre out to Asia, so the people over the phone aren't very accountable for what they say. The guy who talked to you on the phone lied to you, they've been made aware of the problem with the package credit, I can't help you fix it, it has to be done through their systems because our systems aren't integrated properly due to the Rogers transition." So he sat me down in the back of the store, told me to call them again to get it credited, and said if the person on the phone gave me a runaround, he would speak with that person himself.

I ended up getting the four months of halved billing as a single-time credit. I think, like with any retail experience, sometimes you hit upon someone who really gives a shit, and the majority of time you don't. I don't know anything about the culture within Fido to encourage people to do the former, but I've also had other episodes related to the Fido-Rogers integration, so it may very well be out of their hands, and the employees may be doing their best to weather it as much as the customers are.

Submitted by saleena (not verified) on March 21, 2006 - 10:31am.

i was charged for internet usage that i did not use. i was put over my credit limit and now my phone is suspended. i just paid my bill on march 15 2006. two days later they suspended my phone and said it was mostly internet usage that put me over 200.00. the thing is i have only used the internet once for about 5 min. how is this possible. the customer service was rude and they even hung up on me 3 times.

Submitted by Torontonian on May 9, 2006 - 4:46pm.

Congratulations! You've lost a customer -- for life!

What was my first "customer service" interaction with Fido? Being put on hold for 51 minutes and counting ... before ultimately deciding to hang up the call.

Question: How's Fido's customer service?

It's a trick question. Fido has NO CUSTOMER SERVICE.

This is really a congratulatory message for Fido's so-called management. If my message actually ever gets read (which is not to be expected), I'm sure it'll result in a zero response.

But please remember:

Not only have you lost a lifetime of business from me -- but also a lifetime of business from my friends, family and colleagues.

I found out that I'm not alone in my views on Fido. Please view the following pages:

There are many other individuals' testimonies as to how awful Fido truly is. And now mine can join the growing list.


A. Lostcustomer

Submitted by Chrystian (not verified) on September 3, 2007 - 2:03am.

Please ma'am, seriously! We deal with YOUR problems,Fido most definately has customer service, and it really does vary on how much the rep feels the need to assist you, as it does need to make kinks into the system, but trust me... I have the fourth highest stats on the entire floor, and I also have the top stats on my team, and I know that the only unsatisfied customers with me, are the ones that would even be unsatisfied with god as a customer service rep, as I know I do my job...I actually believe strongly that I do my job very very well. As for you and your friends and family losing Fido, to hear that is a true shame over the service you recieved, truly it is. That I will agree with you, is something that may need some improvements in areas. However, if you are truly expecting someone to go over all of your calls made in the run of a month and expect to be credited? Be realistic about this, seriously. I do my job well, I do it right. Even I would have put you on hold for 40 minutes plus most likely...however, not continuously...I would come check back up on you every 2-3 minutes to make sure you are hanging in there for the adjustments and give you an update on how everything is looking. Please ma'am, do not hate Fido just because you feel Fido does not have any customer service, as that is untrue... it's only true that the ones that you aren't screaming your lungs off right away to (which 80% do, and this WILL definately de-motivate the csr to care less about your problem and in actuallity, as they are still human beings, want to get you [pardon my manners] the hell off the phone), or the ones that truly strive to do their best will give you the ultimate service. Trust me lady, we don't want you to hang up, we don't want you on hold for 50 minutes, we don't want to give you the wrong information, as we put our jobs on the line and literally get in trouble for not even attempting to better our stats. So please, understand we are humans, and also understand that even though you think you are talking to the scum of the universe, take a look and realize 56% of them have better education than you do, and all have different stories of their lives. Bills to pay. Families to feed. It is they, who truly do wish to help you, as they do not want to lose their job... this person you speak of...51 minutes of holding... AT LEAST HE WAS FIXING IT FOR YOU! If it was so bad (and stats do matter, trust me), wouldn't he have just hung up...HELL; IT WOULD HAVE MADE MORE SENSE! LESS CHANCE A CALL WOULD BE MONITERED THE LESS TIME IT IS... LESS HOLD TIME AS WELL... SO GET REALISTIC MA'AM! At least they attempted to do their job for you... and you have the ignorance to hang up after that poor csr went through all of that work for your cause... it's customers like you that make the job easier and more motivating just not having you with Fido, simply because you won't ruin our stats, won't waste our time, and you won't hinder others by wasting our time, keeping others on hold while that rep could be taking calls from someone whose issue could feasibly be resolved if only they have the patience. People: think more about the customer service reps and how non-sensical it is to hang up or overreact based on something that isn't their fault, it wastes time for other customers, brings motives down, and ruins future customer service experiences through all people.
1)Makes csr's hate taking calls
2)Wastes their time as well as your own
3)Someone else could be getting served
4)Makes their motives strive not as high as they could, as they are constantly bitched at
5)Ruins their stats for pointless time wasted, whcih gets them bitched at further for not meeting stats
6)Makes the csr not give a damn what the next person wants, just makes them feel as if they want to leave and go home, making a chain-reaction! LOOK AT ALL THIS HELL YOU HAVE CAUSED BECAUSE YOU WERE IMPATIENT WITH SOMEONE WHO WAS WILLING TO HELP!
Another thing lady, we do get backed up and are busy with people who actually have calls that take up to three hours, so it's not always easy to take a call. Remember, if you ever have a problem (as my supervisor always asks me to promote)...USE *28 ON YOUR FIDO PHONE! And if you don't have a fido phone, and it's just unlocked from Europe, and it's a Motorola A1200, with out free name display trial for loyal Fido customers, then you won't get incoming calls! You know why? It's simple really! Fido only releases phones that they have tried to work out as many bugs as possible for, and any further issues either they issue a service upgrade through a Fido service center, or it's a manufact error and cannot be fixed through means of a service provider. Get realistic people, we are people to, and we are dealing with real people... we are not machines, and we are not gods, so do not act as if we have the powers of such. We can't magically fix your phone if it has a black screen and battery won't charge because you blew the battery by charging it wrong when you first had it. No, we cannot give you a free phone when you have had it for 1.5 years so stop asking, we can't feasibly do it! It's impossible! We cannot magically transfer City Fido just because you threaten to sue us, it just isn't in the system, THE COMPUTER WE WORK WITH! IT does have limitations, which, unfortunately, you people do not understand we cannot be gods and change the program we are given to work with!

Submitted by processpitt on October 7, 2006 - 10:47pm.

i got 350 min weekdays /unlimited wek.night/250 longdistance /fido-fido free/rogers network

i used to get $80bill for last 2 years but in 2006 last 6 bills they sending over billed

i m using TREO650 and i m recording all my incaming and outgoing calls ... i m trying to match those munites with fido bill but its not matching

fido sending me over bill i can say 5 time over
i had to pay $1500 for last 5 months for no reason, i try to call customer service and explain but they were rude

i dont know whats going on but i m canceling my phone

Submitted by dmiportion on October 17, 2006 - 5:51am.

You know what? Fido doesn't sucks just in Toronto. Fido probably sucks everywhere. I gave my credit card info to use Instant Refill. I gave that 3 times since one year, they assure me everuthing is ok and I shall be able to refill mu account from internet. Nothing happened. I have no idea what they did with my credit card info. Cause after 3 times, they keep on telling this is because they have some computer maintenance and that might have been the reason why they can't found my info.

And each time you call customer service, you can wait for at leat one hour on the phone before you're attended.

And each time you write an email to them, automatic answer is:
" Due to unusual circumstances, we are unable to answer all of our
customers' e-mails within our usual time frame. Please rest assured that necessary measures have been taken in order to rectify this situation. "
They've been saying that for more than 6 months!!!!!!

I'm going on holiday in a few weeks. I won't need the phone overseas. And when I come back, out of my life, Fido. I can not stand the lack of customer service anymore. They're making fun of their customers.
They really suck from top to bottom. I have my phone for 2 years now, that's the most I can bear.

Submitted by Westbound on November 18, 2006 - 7:23am.

I've been a FIDO customer in Toronto since 2001 and have had excellent service until Rogers took over. In the past 5 months I've had to call in monthly for billing issues and they kept screwing up my plan. Each time I would call to correct the details of the plan, they told me the last cust.service rep. did not do it correctly last time and had to redoo it. I upgraded my phone in June but did not like it so I sent it back for a new one within the 15 day grace period. They had a lot of complaining about that and then charged me for both phones until I phoned back to clear up the mess. FIDO offered a really good plan in June-Sep, 30-Talk and Fun which had 100 anytime Min per month plus bonus 50min for a total of 150min per month, 1000 weekend minutes, 100 text messages, 100 picture and video messages, 200kB mobile internet, Free Fido to Fido for 2 years, Free happy hour use 5pm-7pm for 2 years. Well I got the plan and everything was fine until I checked my last two bills. They charged me for all fido-fido calls, all happy hour calls and did not honour the 50 minutes extra! I called the customer service and they told me that that plan did not exist in July!! I was so pissed I hardly slept that night. After threttening that I would cancel my service they reluctantly refered me to what's called their "customer relations" (not customer service). It was incredible how different I was treated then, they found that the plan did exist, they corrected all the bills and they gave me a credit of $60.00 for all my troubles! They kept saying how they did not want to loose me as a customer. It seems to me that they put all the illiterate grunts in customer service with the mandate to frutrate customers from calling, and they keep all the skilled customer service people in "Customer relations" for when customers get so pissed they want to cancel. I suggest to anyone not satisfied to call their "Customer Relations" at 1888-259-3436 and skip the frustration to speak with the grunts in "customer service".

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on November 29, 2007 - 3:22pm.


Submitted by Ron (not verified) on April 20, 2007 - 7:35pm.

Fido, Rogers, whomever they are this week, are a sorry excuse of a company and anyone who works for them should be ashamed of themselves! It doesn't matter if it is cell phones, internet, TV or movie rentals, its amazing they are even in business!
But hey, welcome to Canada - where companies are allowed to nickel and dime loyal (or should I say captive) customers (who pay their salaries by the way).
That's what happens when you only have 3 (really 2) companies to choose from. Why don't they have this problem in the U.S.????? Because they believe in competition, and earning customers, what a novel concept. When will Canadians get a clue?
I say print out all this and send it to Mr. Fido CEO/Rogers CEO and maybe then they will get it together. And do not sign any contracts or get packages with these companies. If you need a cell phone, buy it out-right and get billed monthly, it costs more but at least you are not bound to them. Because, guess what, if you try and leave because of THEIR service (or lack of) YOU GET CHARGED! Maybe we should start billig THEM for their crappy service and waste of our time.

Submitted by Ron (not verified) on April 20, 2007 - 8:35pm.

Fido, Rogers, whomever they are this week, are a sorry excuse of a company and anyone who works for them should be ashamed of themselves! It doesn't matter if it is cell phones, internet, TV or movie rentals, its amazing they are even in business!
But hey, welcome to Canada - where companies are allowed to nickel and dime loyal (or should I say captive) customers (who pay their salaries by the way).
That's what happens when you only have 3 (really 2) companies to choose from. Why don't they have this problem in the U.S.????? Because they believe in competition, and earning customers, what a novel concept. When will Canadians get a clue?
I say print out all this and send it to Mr. Fido CEO/Rogers CEO and maybe then they will get it together. And do not sign any contracts or get packages with these companies. If you need a cell phone, buy it out-right and get billed monthly, it costs more but at least you are not bound to them. Because, guess what, if you try and leave because of THEIR service (or lack of) YOU GET CHARGED! Maybe we should start billig THEM for their crappy service and waste of our time.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on April 27, 2007 - 3:53pm.

I normally have to call the person im talking to back 2 or 3 times during a conversation. Mostly I just text message now to avoid the frustration. The funny thing is, try contacting support through their website. It will tell you the system is down and to try again later. hahaha. FIDO is a joke.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on May 1, 2007 - 9:08pm.

This is really strange. i somehow landed on this page, and boy o boy, this is a big surprise to me. First of all, I got my cell phone from Fido just last year and I've been a satisfied costumer(not exactly happy). They don't overcharge me. I've never been overcharged, whereas my friends who get their service from Rogers are always complaining about how their cell phone bills are unexpectly high. I never go over my usual bill. I don't know how. I personally think Rogers is a big rip-off compared to all the other companies. And I was dissappointed to know that Fido is now owned by Rogers. My friends, all Rogers users, always have some kind of complaining to do: either it's about getting over-billed, or getting their phone line cut off just because they forgot to pay their bill from their last month. But Fido hasn't exactly provided the perfect service. But it is true that their costumer service rep.s always make some kind of mistake. I had a similar case one time; I asked a rep.(with an Indian accent) if he could activate my voice mail, and he never activated it. I had to call in the other day, and do it all over again, because apparently the last rep. did not activate it. But other than that, I get great signal (5 bars almost everywhere), and don't get overcharged, and fido offers one of the cheapest plans. I love the fact that their evenings start from 7pm. Infact I recommended fido to 3 or 4 of my friends already. Reading this makes me wonder if I was just plain lucky?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on May 16, 2007 - 9:31am.

Do you you the reason why Fido is such scum?
Because they were bought by Rogers, the worst crooks I have ever dealt with. Stay away from both!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on May 19, 2007 - 7:22am.

Not that I've been with Rogers, but yeah, I think you might have got lucky, Anonymous. I've had TERRIBLE service with Fido over the past few years. They used to be great - but that was a LONG tmie ago; I don't know what happened. But their current customer service reps are snotty and arrogant AND seldom resolve the problem.

You know what? Fido doesn't sucks just in Toronto. Fido probably sucks everywhere. I gave my credit card info to use Instant Refill. I gave that 3 times since one year, they assure me everuthing is ok and I shall be able to refill mu account from internet. Nothing happened.

..SAME HERE! This is my THIRD try, and each time they assure me it 'should work fine'.

So here's the thing you gotta know:
There ARE *some* good Fido customer phone reps. If you get a snotty one, hang up and try again (even though you had to hold. WRITE DOWN The names of the good ones you talk to, so that you can ask for them again. WRITE DOWN the names of the bad ones - ask for their agent number.
Also if you ask to get put through to a manager you likely won't - what you do is WRITE THEM A LETTER explaining the abysmal customer service you've had (and which agents) -- this should escale the problem and you SHOULD then get a call from a manager.

Or, ya know, just write to them *now* instead of waiting for the next thing to go wrong. The Customer Service managers NEED to know how bad it is, or they won't do anything, and in a corporation, paper trails are more effective than irate phone calls.
The place to write is:
Fido Solutions Incorporated
Manager of Customer Service
800 De La Gauchetiere Street West
Suite 4000
Montreal, QC
H5A 1K3

I suggest you also cc: it to Fadel Chbihna, Vice-President, Customer Relations and Operations - it might get more attention that way.

Now, when I call, I can be put through to a manager if I ask. It was a long time getting there, but they seem to be marginally more committed to fixing things.

(and I would have switched phone companies, except that they all seem to be equally weak on customer service - really, are ANY of them better? I'm thiking of going to Telus...)

Submitted by Aud (not verified) on May 19, 2007 - 7:28am.

This is one of those things buried in the fine print.
If you're going with Fido prepaid, be aware you're getting screwed on your rate. It's by the MINUTE billing, not by the second - so you make a 1 min 1 sec call, you get billed $0.60. Watch your money disappear fast! I told them they were screwing their prepaid clients, and they said that if I went to a different plan, I'd get a better rate. I explained why prepaid was the only plan that suited me - and if everyone else gets by-the-second billing, couldn't they just stop screwing those of us not on a monthly plan?
Answer: no. (translation = we just don't care)

Oh, and how smart is it to have a customer service for a freakin' PHONE company that's only open Mondah to Friday? when do people buy their prepaid cards - the weekend. When do they need help 'cause the card didn't work? - the weekend.

These guys are such boneheads, I can't believe they're still in business.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on May 20, 2007 - 9:13am.

I work for Fido, and you're an idiot. We do sell cards on the weekend, and my store is open seven days a week.You can buy Fido cards or get service at a Walmart, or London Drugs. Most likely you're a prepaid customer because you have bad credit and can't afford a deposit for monthly plans. You probably should've had the common sense to ask how you were being billed instead of making an assumption. If you want per-second billing, go on a plan. No one else will give you any great pay as you go rates either.

Submitted by Bitchbetterhavemymoney (not verified) on June 9, 2007 - 4:51pm.


The only method of handling any issues with the horrendous Canadian monopolies is to bypass the inept CSR's and go right to the top. You need to locate the names and addresses of the top 5 executives at the company in question. At that point, compose a calm letter relaying your issues with the company. Make sure your grammar is concise and diplomatic. Mail the letters to all the top 5 people and the letters will go to their desks, or the secretaries, where they will handle you problems directly. The top people hate getting complaints and the more that arrive the more irritating it becomes. Simply stated, aim for results from the top and let it trickle down. Never swim upstream. Once an order comes from the top, the inept drones in varied departments will get off their butts and fix your problems.

Additionally, CSR's are told to get people off the phone in under a minute. They get rewarded for volume and speed but not for actual results. The mandate of their service department is to delay, placate (falsely), assure and get you off the phone. However, there is no accountability due to the fact the average rep's supervisor gets rewarded for his / her CSR floor performance. Once again, they have NO motivation to help you besides getting you off the phone and collecting their efficiency bonus. Although, once in a while you will come across a stand up person who will help you the best they can but don’t count on it.

There is actually a class called "runaround" in the training sessions, don't let them get away with it.

So now you know what motivates the customer service part of these, and most, companies. Upper management is generally clueless of what happens amongst the masses and simply collect their large bonuses and back slap each other. However, when upper management finds out about over billing, lost phones, bungled contracts, neglected cancellations etc. they take notice. Send letters to the top 5 people, that way at least one will do something or better yet, all 5.

So what the hell do I know? Hmmm, I used to work at BELL and now am at an unnamed US company servicing the cell phone / internet / HDTV market. Guess what? We do it here to but guess what? We are much more motivated to rectify customer issues because if we don’t, then T-Mobile or Virgin or Cingular or Nextel or Bell Atlantic or Verizon or US Cellular or AT+T or Sprint or, well you get the picture. We have competition and it is pretty fierce. We can't afford to alienate people but the inept Canadian monopolies can. Since there is no accountability at the grassroots level and employees are rewarded for time and not results you have to go to the top. Remember to get the names and rep #'s of each person you talk to, record dates and write clear letters (point form is always good) and that is a step in the right direction.

Canada needs some competition or things will never change.

Good luck y'all.

Submitted by sweets (not verified) on June 9, 2007 - 6:15pm.

I'm from Japan and living Toronto. I have lots of complain for Fido. Why they can't do very simple thing? Also, why they never apologize their mistake? I really don't want to talk with them, they always makes me sick. but I have to cell have a ploblem AGAIN! I'm just waiting for my contract is run out. Fido is famous as SUCKER among friends in T.O. I've never heard any good reputations. Also I've heard many complains for Rogers. I'm not sure Telus. There haven't anything good? I'm sorry that I say, but I totaly agree with Bitchbetterhavemymoney's opinion. Canada needs some competition. It's too terrible. Poor quality, poor customer service and expensive cost...can't use the internet anywhere and can't talk in subway, underground.....I feel sorry for consumers. They don't have enough choice. I hope thinigs going to be fine for them.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on June 14, 2007 - 8:38am.

"Additionally, CSR's are told to get people off the phone in under a minute"

Nope, actually you aim for a handle time of 460 seconds.

"There is actually a class called "runaround" in the training sessions, don't let them get away with it."

Actually in training you are taught to have first call RESOLUTION. That means fxing the problem so the customer doesn't have to call back because their problem is fixed.

"Fido's been outsourcing a lot of their call centre out to Asia"

Actually NON of the fido call centres are outsourced out of canada...and not all of the calls hit the montreal centre.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on June 15, 2007 - 9:06pm.

Fido has a trouble ticket out since January 19, 2007 for the customer feedback page on their website. Yet they callously leave it operational so you waste time filling it in - then it pops up a notification. Fido has blocked entire phone company domains from overseas so my email from friends no longer works - it is bounced from fido's servers - yet fido maintains it is the (multiple) source system's problem. Fido removed mail forwarding from their web mail service, in the worst roll-out of a malfunctioning site I have ever seen. Fido bills you for two transmissions if you cc a mail in your handset - even though the split occurs at a mail server - it is not transmitted twice. Watch your bill *very* carefully - they overbill, keep logs of your own. Fido has gone to the dogs. Leave fido in droves. Write the CRTC demanding real competition in Canada. Write fido's CEO to say goodbye and goodbye from all your friends. Talk about them at the watercooler to warn off prospective customers. Talk about them outside their kiosks so people overhear you. Fido is a shell game.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on June 20, 2007 - 12:00pm.

I cancelled my fido account about 3 months ago. And when I cancelled it, they said I will be billed for an extra month because I was in the middle the of the month, fine by me. I do not recall getting that last bill, I might have not sure, but one things for sure, I paid all my bills that I got in the mail and ON TIME. So today, I got an email from fido saying my invoice is ready on the fido website for online billing. I do not know how much I owe, should be $0. But I can't even check because I do not remember the password AND I never signed up for online billing, all my bills were sent by mail to me! So I clicked the "Forgot Password" link, and typed in the phone number I had with my fido phone and it said You must restart the registration process, which there proves I never signed up for online billing, yet their sending me emails about my invoice online. So I do not know what the hell they are trying to pull, but its stupid!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on June 21, 2007 - 1:50pm.

horrible horrible horrible. i was offered a deal over the phone when i called to cancel and switch to virgin (cheap prepaid) so i took it. and what do you think happened when my account switched the next month? they never lived up to their end of the bargain. when i called to complain i was told Steve (1020333) would call me back in the next 24 hours. he didn't. i waited a week. called back myself. steve wasnt' available. the next one i talked to said he wouldn't have made that offer. yep. anyways, got pissed and called right back, talked to another guy, steve still wasn't avaible (now he was gone from the office, 10 minutes later????)... got a partial resolution, but still unhappy.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on June 26, 2007 - 1:27pm.

Well it all started on April 20/07 I had a phone call from one the reps...blah blah blah.. your a great customer and we have a special promotion right now, your plan is up and we would like to offer you a nokia e63 blackberry at $450.00 and then we will take $150.00 off with your renewal.. I said sure...The fucking phone has not arrived yet.. it was lost in shipping by ups (ups even called me to confirm it has not arrived) and it's still under fucking investigation by fido.. they called and said they will send me a replacement at full cost and then I can return the other when it arrives.. what a bunch of ignorant fucks.. I'm going to switch when I finally get a refund or the phone..

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on June 27, 2007 - 2:48pm.

i dont know what brand of crack y'all have been smokin. I've been with fido since it was introduced in Vancouver in 1996. The reason being, they were the only provider to offer GSM, which i knew back then was the best and most widely adopted technology around. i have used fido in vancouver calgary and toronto, with FLAWLESS results. their reception is amazing, their prices are extremely competitive, and their phone selection is decent, which is irrelevant because you can simply stick your SIM in any phone you want regardless of whether fido offers it or not.

I was a little pissed off when rogers came into the picture, and yeah the transition was less than perfect, but now in june 2007 i can honestly say i dont have a single complaint. Someone has given their customer service dept a shake up, because wait times are non existent, service is great, and people are knowledgable.

now that you have access to the expanded coast to coast rogers 850/1900 network as well, you seriously couldn't pick a better provider in canada. telus sucks, bell sucks, rogers/fido is the way to go. if anything i think rogers sucks simply due to the fact that their price plans are insanely overpriced and they bill the first minute by the minute and not by the second like every other gsm provider on earth, let alone canada.

i do agree that competition needs a kick in the ass in canada, and that the $6.95 system access fee is absolute bill shit and needs to be abolished.

anyone who thinks fido sucks will not be any happier with the other canadian companies, its not by any means 10/10 but its the best of the worst in canada.

Submitted by annonymous (not verified) on July 5, 2007 - 1:37pm.

i just hung up from talking to a hypocrite on the phone who calls herself a fido customer representative...right! deal is, i'm on the talk and fun plan, and for the billionth time, i've had to call them and remind them that my stupid agreement comes with 4 bloody bonuses that are on the file one day and then off the file the next day. i got the 30$ plan and it comes with 50 bonus weekdays, 200kb internet, fido to fido free, happy hours free for 12 mnths. now funny thing is, some months my internet is free and then all of a sudden i start getting charged for it, some months i get 50 hours included, and then all of a sudden i get charged for what SHOULD be part of my 50 hours. some months fido to fido is free, and then some months its included as part of my 100 weekday minutes. are they retarded or do they think they can go on ripping people off like that?
then funny thing is, i call in today and the girl is like, 'oh, i dont see those 50 min bonuses as part of your plan!' then she tells me that the 50 weekday minutes were part of my previous agreement!! (Um...NOT) and then when i tell her no, she says oh, they were for new customers, then i say no, then she says SEND ME PROOF...WTF!!! am i supposed to have that much distrust in you company to keep proof of everything i do in case you try to cheat? i dont get it... then she says 'oh, sorry, that 50 minute bonus exipred in october'..thats interesting, the bonus of the plan expired the day i GOT the plan...

then she says theres nothing she can news to me.... so i have to sit and wait for the mister supervisor to call and'discuss' the matter with me...
so im thinking maybe if i sue their ass they'll learn to do their homework right.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on July 8, 2007 - 10:54am.

"so im thinking maybe if i sue their ass they'll learn to do their homework right."

Oh dear god, I can't stop laughing at the retardness of that comment. You got to be either 12 or have serious mental problems LMAO. You don't think that they have a team of lawyers that go through everything they do with a fine tooth comb before fido impliments anything.

Submitted by LB1 (not verified) on July 12, 2007 - 9:49am.

i have a 25 $ monthly plan and i get 100 min free from 8am to 7 pm. i called a friend at 18:41 and talk for abt 50 min so 0.30$ X 19 Min = 5.70 $, How come i get billed for 49 min. Rip Offf

here is the proof

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on July 13, 2007 - 2:49pm.

803 calls. Obviously end of your billing cycle. You were getting charged before that call so you'd obviously gone over you 100 daytime minutes before then...I fail to see what your problem is. You went over your minutes and you got charged at 0.30$/minute for overage usage. What are you bitching about?

Submitted by Lb1 (not verified) on July 21, 2007 - 10:15pm.

See the pic. line 794 talked for 49 min. Billed 14 $. i've start talking at 18:40. fido afternoon start at 19:00 ( witch i get 1000 min free ) so its 20 min Rite why i get charged for 49 min dont you get it. You may say i'v used my 1000 min but look at line 798 i talked 6 min got 0 $.

Now you get it what i'm bitching about ?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on August 11, 2007 - 5:50am.

You started your call in the daytime rate zone. So the entire lengh of that call is billed in that zone. EVERY canadian cell provider follows the same practice. You're not very intelligent are you

Submitted by Richard Irvine (not verified) on July 13, 2007 - 7:09pm.

I have had Fido for years they were good and would tell you when your near your 30 days now they text you after the 30 days to say they grabbed any funds left in your account and to refill soon.I have 2 phones with them this Month they took $25.00 and now I have to refill over not a chance dropping them asap.I wrote them to advise why I don't think they care but I did tell them my employee newsletter goes out to 23,000 workers in Canada and they will be hearing about how they money grab and the poor reception and dropped calls you can bet on that.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on July 16, 2007 - 1:04am.

I Agree from day one that i had my services with Fido..unfortunately ..we as customers dont have much choice
with cell phone are monopolizing by being sold to Rogers. My only wish ! is some other company
should think about this IDEA ! they need to establish more cellphone companies as a competitor. this is the only way we all could get around and not get cheated, insulted, humilated and taken advantage.
its time for a other company to set in Canada for a better service with happier people.
for example; cable company are who are very expensive are now down sizing with their monthly plans ..why ? there are now other cable company who are taking them over...I think we all could make a difference...keep up your spirit canadians!!!

Submitted by brokesinglemom (not verified) on July 19, 2007 - 12:50am.

shock is the only word to describe how i felt opening my fido bill today.

My bill was over $3000. I have two phones, one is mine, the other my 12 year old sons. His phone, was billed $2800 for one day of internet usage.

But, get this - he was in school all day. and he has only used it a couple of times for internet .

I am so worried I will get screwed over here.

I am waiting on an answer back from Fido reps tomorrow.

I cannot afford this bill, and a bill for something that was never used.

There must be a glitch in their system or someone can hack into others accounts and use the internet.

Something weird happened.

My 12 year old swears he is telling me the truth.

Any advice????

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on July 22, 2007 - 8:28am.

Seriously, if you are truly pissed, you may want to explore a class action lawsuit. Some lawyers may be interested.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on July 22, 2007 - 8:24am.

I recently subscribed to Fido's email via text messaging. After subscribing I was not getting any messages. So I call up their customer rep. She was very nice and helpful. They messed around with my account for a while and then came back to me and told me that I will get my text messages with a 2 day delay.

Hmmm.. That is cool. I will just time travel to the future 2 days from now. That way I will get my text messages right away.

Thanks Fido! 10 dollars a month for the service and I get all my messages with a 2 day delay. Can I pay you guys with a 2 month delay?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on July 22, 2007 - 10:48am.

I have been a long time FIDO customer on the monthly non contract plan and hadven't had much problems because I barely use it for any calls as it's mostly for emergency use only so I rarely go over my 200 minimum usuage per month.

However, I am considering getting a new phone and looking at doing more with it. I am discovering that the more things you do, the more likely the billing will become more complicated. A FIDO rep recently advised not to use the phone for internet as it is based on per kb which can add up quickly. I guess I'll wait for the iphone and the rates to become more affordable and stick to my laptop meanwhile for surfing.


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