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Storyeum: On May 27th All Will Be Revealed

Storyeum: On May 27th All Will Be Revealed

By Shane Birley on May 26, 2004 - 12:54pm

Storyeum: Gastown's New Attraction

The secret project called Storyeum, the entertainment talk of Vancouver's Gastown, will open the doors on June 1st, 2004. This creative venture hidden deep below ground like a super hero's secret lair has attracted all kinds of attention - but no one really knows the details of how it will look and ultimately work.

But, on May 27th, I will be attending the press preview. Then, I will give all you Urban Vancouver readers the inside scoop, the nitty gritty, the whole shebang and the all the information you hunger and crave for.

Okay, that was a little overboard, but in Han Solo's immortal words that he uttered with a shrug: "Hey, it's me."

What makes this venture into Storyeum cool is I am one of the few who have already had the pleasure of walking through the Storyeum location. I was invited about a month ago to help out the Storyeum performers to "work their magic". At that point, nothing was finished, but rehearsals must go on and timing the show was an important detail that couldn't wait. I am sure that much has happened since as we have seen on Urban Vancouver with the constant updates from Roland Tanglao who can't take enough pictures of the outside.

Now, just so that you don't get your hopes up, there will be no pictures from inside coming from me. That would cause nothing but trouble. I also don't want some hired thug (with very little hair and breath that reminds me of that babysitter I hated when I was three) breaking my legs.

So, leave it to me. I will attend tomorrow and give you all a full report of just how Storyeum is coming together.

Submitted by Roland Tanglao on May 26, 2004 - 2:53pm.

one last thing, is the preview the 26th (i.e. today) or tomorrow the 27th?
please correct the article if it's the 27th
Roland Tanglao

Submitted by Shane Birley on May 26, 2004 - 4:30pm.

I don't see no May 26th at all! (hiding...sheepishly...)

Shane Birley

Submitted by Roland Tanglao on May 26, 2004 - 9:38pm.


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