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Discollection's Closing Sale Starts Next Week

Discollection's Closing Sale Starts Next Week

By Richard Eriksson on April 21, 2007 - 1:55am

Almost two months now I wrote about a sale at Discollection, a vintage clothing store on Hastings in Vancouver. Now comes word via email that the store is closing its doors, and is having a final 'fill a bag' sale. From Kim, the proprietor:

Starting April 23rd at 12PM we will be having a week long " fill a bag" sale, so for all of you that missed out the last time around this will be your chance to fill your bags, fill your boots, and fill your closets…. and the best news is, the bags are bigger and cheaper because everything really must go… and I want all of you to have it. I will be bringing out new items everyday of the sale and clearing out my back room which is stacked with vintage beauties.. 50's bathing suits, dresses, shoes, boots, sandals, summer tops, shorts and on it goes...

This after I just read the graphic novel True Loves by Jason Turner and Manien Bothma, about a vintage clothing store owner in Vancouver and her new love, an organic food eating pot smoker who loves to cook. (It's a really cute story, complete with namechecks to all the right Vancouver places. It's nominated for One Book, One Vancouver, but I'm not holding my breath: it's probably too short—and too much of a graphic novel—for a city-wide book club.) I'm going again, and hopefully I'll be able to find something for my girlfriend like my last excellent haul, a red had and a black skirt for $20 total. There were some great-looking men's shirts, but alas nothing in my size.

I'm sad the store is closing, since she seems very proud of the store and rightfully so: it was—and for a little while longer, still is—a cool store with stuff I wouldn't normally think to buy. I wish Kim good luck and success in her future endeavour, doing something she's passionate about. If she's half as dedicated as she was to her store, I don't think she'll have a problem.

The store is located on 324 W. Hastings, Vancouver, and can be reached by phone at 604-331-1244.


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