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3 Days to 1st Annual BCFF Floorball Challenge

3 Days to 1st Annual BCFF Floorball Challenge

By bcfloorball on May 23, 2007 - 11:56am

This Saturday at Mulgrave School, the BC Floorball Federation is hosting the 1st Annual BCFF Floorball Challenge. This is a one day Tournament of competitive 4 on 4 (+ goalies) Floorball. In addition to the competition itself there will be two demonstration games involved over 30 grade 4 -6 students from the school. In between these two games will be an Exhibition game between players from Canada and Switzerland (one of the top Floorball nations in the world.)

Vancouver's own Blair Zimmerman was recently MVP at the biggest Floorball Tournament in North America, The Canada Cup in Toronto at Easter. Blair will captain a side of local Canadian players and members of the Vancover WaveRiders club team that won Silver in Toronto.

Matching up against Blair will be another Zimmerman! That is Adrian Zimmerman. Adrian is part of Team Switzerland and is a Floorball Superstar at age 23! He was the top scorer in the 2006 World Floorball Championships in Sweden. The BC Floorball Federation is thrilled to have him participate on Saturday and whole day should be a fantastic advert for the sport.

Floorball is a derivative of Indoor hockey, played with 1 metre sticks which a slotted blade. The ball is a light-weight whiffle style ball, which enable awesome control and speed. The fastest recorded goal in World Floorball was recorded at 183 Kilometers per hour! There is no stick to stick contact allowed and the ball must be played below the knee which a back swing no higher than your waist.

To demonstrate how inclusive the game is, each of the teams in the Tournament will include Men AND Women as well as wide range of ages. It's entirely possible for 14yr olds to compete with older players! The requisite is on ability rather than physical presence, which makes the sport far safer and accessible than some other sports.

The tournament will have an international flavour with players from Switzerland, Sweden, UK, Canada and Iceland already confirmed. See Richard Eriksson's diary posts this week for the Icelandic take on this. There has already been coverage in the North Shore Outlook and Vancouver Courier, stay tuned for more!

The $60 tournament fee includes membership of the BC Floorball Federation. Membership makes players eligible for representing the Province and of course Team Canada (Five BC Players recently played against Team USA in Toronto), as well as BCFF official events. In addition there are discounts off Floorball equipment suppliers and a copy of the rulebook!

Sponsors of the tournament include Caffè Artigiano, ,Clearly Canadian, Modern Hockey and Shannon Stewart Certified General Accountants.

Mulgrave is a great location on the access road to the Cypress Ski Area close to the Highway. There will be food and drink available at the school along with information booths, a Floorball Shootout competition (for everyone!) and others draws and prizes.

So whether you want to play or watch, it would be great to see you. Lots more information is available at the BC Floorball Federation website or by phone at 604.319.2971. See you there !!!

Submitted by John Bollwitt (not verified) on May 23, 2007 - 1:46pm.

I have to admit, you're getting me more and more curious to try this out. :)

Submitted by bcfloorball on May 23, 2007 - 2:28pm.

Hey John,

It would be great to have you play on Saturday for sure - we will be making sure that all teams have a good balance of experience and novice players. If you are not sure about participating it's an excellent opportunity to come and watch - there's some amazing players taking part but the deal is that most people in BC have not been playing very long. In fact playing once a week for the last 12-18 months managed to get some players onto Team Canada - so the prospects are really exciting.

Let me know if I can do anything to convince you to make the most of Saturday's amazing opportunity :-)

The Fossil


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