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World Poetry Reading Series Second Call for Poems!

World Poetry Reading Series Second Call for Poems!

By worldpoetry on November 6, 2007 - 11:35am

World Poetry Reading Series Second Call!

World Poetry is requesting poems about the environment (The World Poetry Environmental Project) for display during
the celebration of our 7th Gala in February, 2008.
All selected poems will be on display for one month in the Literature section of the Vancouver Public Library, Central Branch, 350 West Georgia, Vancouver, BC, Canada.
News from the World Poetry Peace Project:
According to the Vancouver Public Library, 700 library patrons viewed The World Poetry Peace Project display in 2007.
*One hundred twenty five poems were written for display on the night of the Gala on February 23, 2007 by the public.
*Seventeen World Poetry poets and writers volunteered at the "Create a Poem" table next to the display Monday through Saturday during the month of February 2007.
World Poetry will have another interactive display for 2008 and include an environmental suggestion box and explore the possibility of an anthology.

Please note the following rules:
Theme: Environment. Bi-lingual poems are very welcome.
1) One poem only please. Note: If the poem is in two languages, one page per
language is permitted.
2) Size 12 -14 fonts.
3) Name, city and country with a copyright symbol at the bottom.
4) All poems are copyrighted to the writer and used for display purposes
only unless permission is given to use them on The World Poetry Café Radio
show. After the Gala event, February 29, 2008, they will be destroyed unless permission is given.
Each poem will be forwarded to Paul Hayes, librarian at the VPL. He will
make the final selection.
5) Final deadline is December 30th.
Contact Ariadne Sawyer for more information.


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