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Healthy Foods and Alternative Healing at the Vancouver Wellness Fair

Healthy Foods and Alternative Healing at the Vancouver Wellness Fair

By uncleweed on February 6, 2008 - 6:13pm

Note: Cross posted in different form at happyfrog's flogblog, reposted here for general interest.

dijiradoo healing

Another eclectic mix of vendors and practitioners filled the vast hall at Canada Place with booths offering healing, nourishments, comfort and knowledge. The happyfrog bloggers were on the scene to document the diligent entrepreneurs going "all in" to help us eat better and feel healthier.

After years of visiting eco-minded events at Canada Place and creating grassroots media coverage, it is a treat to see the combination of traditional practices and continued innovation on display with such vigor. While exploring the booths and speaking to the entrepreneurs behind each enterprise, I considered the importance of helping them "get the word out" about their services and wares.

Certainly many green-minded business-people get involved because they love helping heal people or the planet rather than having a burning desire to balance books, file taxes, draft marketing plans, and pay for ad campaigns. We happyfrogs hope to help spread the message and bring convenience for conscious-consumers and visibility for the business or organizations.

With this in mind, here are a few of the people we met in the eco-neighbourhood. For more photos, please visit the happyfrog group photo pool on Flickr.

organics delivered
Green Earth Organics share their bounty of produce right to your house or office. A great way to eat healthy when busy since they bring a consistent variety letting you try new veggies.

fair trade coffee
Level Ground Trading were pulling espresso shots of their fair traded coffee beans and sharing stores about working directly with small-scale producers in developing countries.

wilderness committee
Wilderness Committee were selling recycled cards and sharing their passion for protecting the temperate rainforests and wildlife.

they are the egg men
The men from Born 3 Eggs indulged with a conversation about their styrofoam packaging - "i love your eggs, your cartons, not so much". They explained that all egg cartons end up in landfills rather than recycled! This was shocking to me and sounds like a good idea for a Tyee investigative article about what happens to the stuff on the blue boxes. The Born 3 crew also have a few new varieties coming out so keep an eye out for these flax-fortified eggs.

shelled flax
Speaking of flax, I got the story from the Omega Crunch guys (originally from BC but now based out of Nova Scotia) who are offering a few choices of tasty, shelled, ready-to-eat seeds to boost your Omega 3 intake. We chatted about trans-Canada business and the pros and cons of flax and hemp seeds in daily diet.

oil the classic way
As for packaging, I couldn't help to think crafty thoughts about these organic olive oil bottles - bottling pickled peppers, bath salts, or a vase - the oil inside is grown organic in Greece and imported by Basil Olive Oil who make a variety of products from moisturizers to tapenades.

wooden cutlery
I gotta admit I purchased a pack this "single-use" wooden cutlery brand by Aspen Ware called WUN. The story about shop teachers who engineered these wooden molded forks/spoons/knives with a modified waffle iron is great, and clearly these utensils are more aesthetically appealing the plastics one, but using them still uses trees, just small pieces - though by being biodegradable, perhaps they can fertilize future growth ;-).

win breast test
There were plenty of practitioners offering show-rate sample treatments as well as education groups encouraging preventive testing to minimize the impact of unsettling diagnosis. Note: Our friends over at Shared Vision recently published an article about "Breast Practices" with new methods for checking.

portable bags
These tiny-looking Onya Bags are rugged enough to pack full of shopping but small enough to pack up and clip to your belt, purse, backpack etc. so your re-usable bag is always "on ya". Avoiding plastic bags is a simple but critical and visible step to reducing your impact without any sacrifice at all and these big/small bags make it easy to get eco.

tea folks
Zen Organics know and love tea. Importers of the finest Japanese Matcha or as the Chinese say "the froth of the liquid jade" - matcha holds many healing benefits (and is the tea used in the renowned Japanese "Cha-no-yu" tea ceremonies) and Zen makes the goodness available as sugars, chocolate as well as tea to wisk up and drink from the bowl (if you wanna go Nihon-local anyhow).

Which booths did you really like? What new products amazed you? Did you try any healing services?

If you have any photos from the event, please submit to the happyfrog group photo pool on Flickr.

Next up on the happyfrog green trade show docket? Green Living and Epic - hope to see ya there!


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