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Daily photo project

Daily photo project

By samanthaorwell on April 25, 2008 - 2:30am


It's been one of those days where you begin with one link and before you know it you've followed a link-trail that brings you into a fascinating world that is completely different from where you started and entirely foreign to anything you began thinking about. You tube is amazing, by the way.

It started off with this link:


And then I found out it was a parody of Noah Kalina:


The video is kind of creepy and oddly.. attractive. You can't really stop looking.
So I went to his website and it has some pretty witty commentary

I THEN found out that, although it was a completely independent idea, there were a bunch of people doing this, namely JK Keller who has been doing this since he was 22 years old and, up to date, has taken a picture of himself everyday for about 10 years. You can watch his video on his website. Keller's video is different, and he lines up his eyes as a focal point. It's easier to watch than the Simpson's parody and Kalina's because you are always focussing on his eyes, but it's less poetic, perhaps due to the music.

He is an artist and his other work can be found here.


I was so fascinated by this project that I read every single one of his FAQs and spent nearly an hour reading up on the project. I highly suggest you take a moment to read them. He's quite charming and funny. (Keller's website is kind of painfully designed and difficult to navigate. You're eyes will hurt after awhile of looking at it.)

The Daily Photo Project is basically a project where they take a photo of themselves everyday. Both artists use a standard digital camera with a viewing screen so they can get the approximate same position. Both are interested in the aging process and those minute everyday differences. It's almost like one of those flip books.

Both mention that they will do this until the day they die. Keller states that the project will not be complete until he dies- until his everyday is no more. The irony is not lost on him- he will never get to see his project complete, or even be able to complete the project himself.

I'm fascinated by this project. When I saw the first picture I was thinking, "huh.. just a normal guy." But as the video progressed I really focussed in and it was almost intoxicating. And then, interestingly enough, I found myself really attracted to him (both Keller and Kalina). At the end I thought to myself, "huh..this is a really good looking guy." I've dissected what I experienced.

You know when you first meet somebody and they aren't all that attractive and you're just indifferent? And then you get to know them, spend a lot of time with them and you begin to think that they are nice lookin' people? Even my friends- I can't admit any of my friends are unnattractive because I know them and they are just awesome people. Over time, when you know somebody, looks become less at the forefront of how you see them. If that makes any sense. I think the same thing happened here. Even though I don't know these guys, I felt like I knew them because I was watching them, photos of them over years.. and it felt kind of like I was taken on that journey with them and I have known them for that long. It's a strange sensation. Watch the videos and tell me what you think.

It is an incredible project nonetheless.

read more:

Submitted by Ray on April 25, 2008 - 8:26am.

because you've already shown us the vids, but I have to wonder what the hell possesses them to do it.

Now then, if you could lift a newborn calf every day until it grew up.... you'd need to be really strong when it became an adult cow - and that's no bull.


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