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Hon. Stockwell Day And Merritt Mayor Susan Roline Catch A Ride With Karen Fowlie To Mountainfest Stage

Hon. Stockwell Day And Merritt Mayor Susan Roline Catch A Ride With Karen Fowlie To Mountainfest Stage

By noodlehead_prod... on July 13, 2009 - 12:23pm

Vancouver July 13, 2009 - It isn't every day that a musician finds Hon. Stockwell Day and Merritt B.C. Mayor Susan Roline in the backseat of her limo on the way to a festival performance. The pair graciously accompanied Karen to her Merritt Mountain Music Festival show last Thursday to a crowd of approx. 15,000 people. Karen's limousine was granted exclusive access to the festival grounds and her entourage created a stir by handing out Karen's CD "Pushing the Edge" and Hevy D Popcorn to enthusiastic fans along the way.

Karen is currently touring Western Canada in support of her debut CD, PUSHING THE EDGE and the affiliated release of her music video for the song “Tell Me”. Karen’s other tour dates in Western Canada are listed at

“You’ve got to hear this girl’s voice!” - CFUV Radio Victoria

“Karen Fowlie is a pearl in the Sea to Sky corridor” – Sonia Lebans, Wild Art Festival President

Learn more about Karen Fowlie:

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