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Olympic Metis Partner MNBC SHuts Olympic Door to Vancouver Metis Artist

Olympic Metis Partner MNBC SHuts Olympic Door to Vancouver Metis Artist

By earthmilan on September 8, 2009 - 5:04am

Vancouver Metis Artist Mark MiLan has been shut out to Olympic opportunities as he stands alongside his 2600 member Vancouver Metis Community Association, whom are not one of MNBC chartered community.

Since refusing to revoke his Vancouver Metis Community Association (VMCA) membership to gain membership with Olympic MOU Partner Metis Nation British COlumbia, Vancouver Metis Artist/Designer Mark MiLan of MiLan Art Ltd. has been shut out. Mark MiLan has worked over five years preparing for this great event having developed a Metis cultural project unique in Canada. Creating uniquely Metis artworks and accessories which celebrate Aboriginal Metis culture in a Vancouver marketplace void of such items surely would have made many Canadian Metis proud having been on such an international stage, but is appears that it is politics as usual for the MNBC leadership. With little more than only five months till the Games begin, Vancouver has yet to hear any announcement of any its local Aboriginal Metis artists/businesses that will be part of the Olympic program. In fact, most Canadian Metis communities whom are not affiliated with the MNBC and as well as the Metis National Council will not be a part of the Games, as they have no representation from any governmental agency for these Olympics. Unpresidented Aboriginal participation for the 2010 Olympics for Canadian Metis is solely reserved for OLympic MOU partner MNBC family.

Mark MiLan is now appealing to the greater Canadian Metis audience to offer its support in supporting his project outside the Olympic fence, so the World can see to experience true grassroots Metis art and accessories. More information about this Metis cultural project can be viewed at the MiLan Art Ltd. web page. Show your support/pride of being Metis and please get involved to ensure these Games are not held for ransom by political groups.

60,000 people self-identify in BC as Metis in census 2007, and only 4,000 are registered MNBC members. So, take your place and have a voice about how the Metis are involved for the 2010 Olympics. Write your government officials and demand to know why after more than five years since the announcement of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics is there no meaningfull Metis participation.


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