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You are invited to our 9th Anniversary Gala World Poetry Celebration at the Vancouver Public Library, April 26th!

You are invited to our 9th Anniversary Gala World Poetry Celebration at the Vancouver Public Library, April 26th!

By worldpoetry on April 19, 2010 - 9:18pm

World Poetry
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Contact person: Ariadne Sawyer, MA
702-31 Elliot St, New Westminster,
BC, V3L 5C9, Canada
Phone-fax: 604-526-4729

April 13, 2010.

Dear Honoured Guests,

We would like to invite you to our 9th anniversary Gala World Poetry Celebration with our partners at the Vancouver Public Library, Alice MacKaye Room, 350 West Georgia, Vancouver, BC, April 26th, 6:30 pm with hosts Ariadne Sawyer and Alejandro Mujica-Olea. If you can’t come, please send greetings and good thoughts.
The World Poetry Reading Series, together with a group of dedicated volunteers are giving a World Poetry Lifetime Achievement Award to three individuals who we feel have contributed with their art in their own countries and Canada, making this country into a mosaic of different cultural ideas and philosophies. During their lifetimes, they have left in Canada a legacy from which all Canadians will benefit from. Some of these people, who in their own countries may have held important and influential positions, may now hold minor jobs in Canada today yet they have still contributed greatly to this country. They have helped us to create Canadian literature in one hundred languages, bringing the world’s people together to make a difference.
The Life Time Award Winners for 2010, voted by their peers are:
Lucia Gorea- originally from Transylvania, Romania, is an award-winning poet, a published writer and the founder of "Poetry Around the World." Her poems appear in numerous anthologies in Canada, the U.S. and Europe. She is the author of seven books: Journey Through My Soul, ESL Games and Classroom Activities, Speak English for Success and Practical Guide to Life Survival Skills, and others. Her recent children’s stories are Yukon, the Polar Bear and The Crow That Swallowed a Pearl. Lucia is currently translating Romanian folktales. The Enchanted Turtle, the first folktale in the series, along with her new collection of poetry, will be available in the fall of 2010.
Ibrahim Honjo, New Westminster, poet, writer, sculptor, painter and photographer was born in the former Yugoslavia. He arrived in Canada and Vancouver in 1995. He has published 10 books and is represented in five anthologies, as well as in many magazines, newspapers and radio stations. The last three collections Honjo published in English and Serbo-Croatian. He won several prizes in former Yugoslavia where he worked as an economist and journalist, book and newspapers editor, marketing director etc. His poetry has been translated into Korean, Slovenian and German.
Peter Lojewski, of New Westminster, a German - Canadian is a known painter, silent philanthropist and the author of several chapbooks. He reads his poetry in English and German at many poetic venues, and has shown his unique artwork in the Vancouver area. He is on the board of the World Poetry Committee and has served on numerous other boards such as the board of directors of CARFAC BC Canadian artist's representation/ Front des artistes Canadianes.

Volunteer of the Year, 2010: Sharon Rowe, Canadian, of New Westminster, is a challenged lady with many gifts including the dictation of the Handy Dart Stories. Sharon has been called a walking miracle by her community. She has created beautiful paper flowers for many World Poetry Events, and is now compiling a World Poetry Scrapbook and album. Sharon is a wonderful example of the best of volunteering.

Event Creator: Ariadne Sawyer, MA. of New Westminster, volunteer, co-founder and co-host of World Poetry, has spent many hours creating beautiful, respectful celebration events for many cultures, including the 702 birthday of Rumi, World Poetry Celebrates Black History Month and World Poetry Celebrates First Nations, to name a few.
Tables: World Poetry, Life time Achievement Award Winners, CAA and Pandora’s Collective.

We expect 75-100 people to be in attendance at the Gala event.
We want to thank you for your consideration of the Gala and are looking forward to hearing from you in the near future.

World Poetry Founders and Hosts:
Alejandro Mujica-Olea and Ariadne Sawyer
World Poetry Committee:
Amy Santos, Victoria Pascha
Dr. Diego Bastianutti
Addena Sumter-Freitag,
Cora Salvador, Heidi Mueller
Bernice Lever, Jacqueline Maire

World Poetry International Members:
Dr. Hadaa Sendoo, Mongolia. Dr. Rita Malhotra, India

World Poetry Background Information:
The World Poetry Organization was created by Ariadne Sawyer and Alejandro Mujica-Olea and has been in existence for 12 years, beginning with the goal to provide a much needed venue where multi-cultural, multi-national poets, writers, and those in other artistic disciplines could perform in English and in their language of origin in an atmosphere of respect and honour. The World Poetry Reading Series at the Vancouver Public Library, World Poetry Café Radio Show on CFRO, The World Poetry Electronic Newsletter, World Poetry Publishing, World Poetry Workshop Series and the World Poetry Celebration Series are all components of a World Poetry movement based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Recently, World Poetry has included World Poetry International with our first two international committee members: Dr. Hadaa Sendoo in Mongolia and Dr. Rita Malhotra in India.
World Poetry’s foundation is built on the great need to provide respect, honor, support, peace and love for all through the arts and education.
In the Vancouver, BC area, there are over 500 World Poetry poets, writers, musicians from 64 countries including a strong First Nations and Canadian component. On the World Poetry Electronic Newsletter, there are 4, 332 readers including participants. The World Poetry Café, on every Tuesday from 9-10 pm PST, is listened to on the internet in at least 23 countries on a regular basis.
One of World Poetry's mandates is to work with other groups and art disciplines in creating partnerships. Some successful partnerships have been the eight year partnership ExplorASIA celebrating Asian Heritage Month in May, The Women and Film Festival, TVA Film Company, The Vancouver Public Library (a nine year partnership), The City of New Westminster, The New Westminster Public Library, The New Westminster Arts Council, The City of Richmond, Gung Haggis Fat Choy World Poetry, The Backroom Theatre Club, The First Nations Longhouse and many others.
We are happy to welcome our new international partners for 2010:
Zhongkun International Poetry Foundation in Beijing.
Ankh Entertainment One, L.A. California.
New Celebration Series: World Poetry Celebrates the World! A multimedia show with poetry, music, dance and special effects with possible partners in Vancouver, LA and shows in China, India and Mongolia. Ariadne is in the process of bringing interested partners together to create a unique experience.
World Poetry is a volunteer based organization who does not receive any money from the government or grants.
Proofreading help by Franci Louann .


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