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Storyeum: An Impressive Production

Storyeum: An Impressive Production

By Richard Eriksson on July 11, 2004 - 8:23pm

Todd at reviewed Storyeum last month:

It's an impressive production, and its worth seeing once if you have any tolerance for live theater. The history is terribly simplified and focusses on BCs natural wealth and beauty. And it's relentlessly optimistic, belying the economic busts that BC has endured, and some of its less than proud moments concerning inter-racial relations. But if you want something quintessentially Canadian, see it for the portrayal of John A MacDonald, who complains about his hangovers and gets his ideas for a national railroad though disturbed sleep; not many nations would portray their vaunted First Leader in such an deprecating light. As a tourist attraction, the simplification and whitewashing shouldn't surprise anyone. As an impressive production, it's undoubtedly expensive to run and whether or not the $22 or so a ticket will bring in enough people to make a go of it remains to be Storyeum


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