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World Poetry Proudly Presents Hsu Chi Cheng!

World Poetry Proudly Presents Hsu Chi Cheng!

By worldpoetry on January 1, 2012 - 11:01pm

World Poetry Proudly Presents Hsu Chi Cheng!

Hsu Chi Cheng, a famous contemporary Chinese poet, writer and translator. Native of Pingtung County, Taiwan; born in 1939; LLB of Soochow University ;later finished his studies at the Educational Institute of Kaohsiung Normal University. He was once an editor, a journalist, a military judge, a teacher as well as part-time director, leading member or guiding teacher to some mass organization of art and literature. He served as a teacher for 33 years, at No. 5 Vocational School, HigherVocationalCollege and The state-Run Middle School in succession. He has retired.

From his childhood, Mr. Hsu is fond of literature and writing. Since 1960 he started to publish his works, and most of his works are poems and prose, mainly depicting native land, idyllic life and nature, singing the praise of the brilliant side of human experience, based on humanity to encourage people to brace themselves up and be bent on doing good. He has published 10 collections of poems including the one titled Half Sky Birds and the other four collections printed –three of them in Chinese-English, two in Chinese-Greek , one in Chinese-Mongolian and one in Chinese-English-Japanese. He has published six collections of prose including the one titled Excellent Seedling as well as two translations. Many of his poems have been translated into English, Japanese, Greek, Mongolian , Hebrew , Russian ,French ,Portuguese and recorded in dozens of selections of poems. His prose works and plays have won prizes for times. His biography of art has been recorded in quite a few records of art and literature such as the List of Celebrities of The Republic of China, Who’s Who and 2000 Outstanding Intellectuals of the 21st Century both published by International Biography Centre, Cambridge, England. He was conferred an honorary doctorate of literature and one of the international best poets 2004 by The International Poetry Translation And Research Centre, was conferred also an honorary doctorate of literature by The U.S. World Academy of Arts and Culture, and was presented the commemorative prize by Literary Club “Xasteron”, Greece.

Mr. Hsu now specializes in reading and writing. Most of his poems are published in Chinese, English, Greek, Japanese, Mogolian or Hebrew both at home and abroad. He is at present the part-time adviser of Large Ocean Quarterly, special editor-in-chief of The World Poets Quarterly, president of the branch in Taiwan of Cai Hong Ying Pen Society, Australia. He is honorary member of Literature Club “Xasteron”, Greece.

Flames in Winter

Whenever the coldest days of winter comes
The Christmas trees
Will appear like flames in the yard

No matter how the cold wind chills to the bone
No matter the sleet keep falling down
No matter the sky is covered with dark clouds
No matter how desolate the scene looks

They sway gently as before
They look graceful as before
They smile as before
They are full of life as before

They are flames
Burning in the whole winter
They send out hot force to all directions
To drive off the cold wind, sleet, gloominess and desolateness

Although in cold winter
I am bathed in their warmth

Hsu ChiCheng (C)


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