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World Poetry Proudly Presents Dr. Licia Canton from Canada!Dr. Licia

World Poetry Proudly Presents Dr. Licia Canton from Canada!Dr. Licia

By worldpoetry on March 2, 2012 - 12:14am

Featured World Poetry Poet on the World poetry Cafe Radio Show!

Click here to listen to Licia on the World Poetry Cafe Radio Show in a special phone interview from Montreal and meet her in person on March 6th. See press release below. World Poetry Cafe Radio Show Hosts: Ariadne Sawyer and Oparin Ortiz.

Licia Canton is the author of Almond Wine and Fertility (2008) – short stories for women and their men – soon-to-be published in Italian. She is also a literary critic and translator, and the editor-in-chief of Accenti – the Canadian magazine for lovers of all things Italian. Her stories and essays have appeared in anthologies and journals. She has been a guest speaker in universities and literary events in Canada, Italy, France, Hungary, the United Kingdom, and the United States. As editor she has published several collections of creative and critical writing – The Dynamics of Cultural Exchange, Adjacencies: Minority Writing in Canada, Writing Beyond History, Reflections on Culture and Writing Our Way Home – as well as two volumes on the internment of Italian Canadians. She has served on the jury of the Strega-Blue Metropolis Prize. A member of the Writers’ Union of Canada, she has served on the board of the Quebec Writers’ Federation and is currently President of the Association of Italian Canadian Writers. She holds a Ph.D. from Université de Montréal and a Master’s from McGill University. She lives in Montreal with
her husband and three children.
Licia Canton, Ph.D.
President, Association of Italian Canadian Writers
Editor-in-chief, Accenti Magazine

Author of Almond Wine and Fertility

Chi Non Viene**

Sorda e cieca, non si muove
se qualcuno non la muove.
Seduta vicino alla finestra
lo scialle sulle spalle,
un’altro sulle gambe
Tutto il giorno da sola,
aspetta chi non viene
chi dovrebbe venire

Il campanel
suona e suona,
ma non viene nessun
Sono andati via,
la vita continua
ma lei ne vede, ne sente.

Che triste diventare vecchia,
che brutto aspettare chi non viene

Ecco, c’è qualcuno!
Un’ombra sulla porta,
una vocina lontana
È lei?
“Sei tu? Ti ho tanto aspettata
Pensavo fossi già andata vilontano.
Sei tu? Vieni vicino.
Vedo poco, solo un’ombra.
Dammi un bacio.”

Che triste diventare vecchia,
che brutto aspettare chi non viene
Aspettare la corriera che non arriva mai,

quella gratis che non torna più.

Copyright 2006 Licia Canton, first published in Writing Beyond History (2006) edited by Canton, De Santis, Fazio.

World Poetry is pleased to announce the press release of our sister group:

Remembering A Dark Page of Wartime Canadian History

The Association of Italian Canadian Writers cordially invites you to the official launching of “Beyond Barbed Wire” and “Behind Barbed Wire” two companion books on the Internment of Italian Canadians during the Second World War.

Readings by Dr. Licia Canton, AICW President, Domenic Cusmano, Editor of Accenti Magazine as Guests of Honor from Montreal and by local authors Joseph Ranallo and Anna Foschi Ciampolini.

The Italian Cultural Centre Society will also be launching its A Question of Loyalty multimedia project on the Internment.

The event is part of the Community Historical Recognition Project (CHRP) of the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

For more information, please read the enclosed Press Release.

Date: March 6, 2012

Time: Opening at 6:30pm in the Museum, Readings: 7:00pm in the Main Hall

Venue Italian Cultural Centre, 3075 Slocan Street, Vancouver

Telephone: 604-430-3337

Refreshments served.

Contact person: Anna Foschi, AICW Board Member, Pacific Region


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