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Sick in the Guts - Canucks Outsider hockey podcast #62

By uncleweed on April 7, 2008 - 10:38pm

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Returning from an ill-fated Mexican vacation in time to see the Canucks' meaningless season finale versus playoff bound Calgary Flames, Dave rambles on about a horrential bout of gut sickness and hanging at a beach bar in Bucerias while the Canucks imploded.

Wheelchaired and sedated, he arrived home to find the Nucks missing the playoffs, sending off Trevor Linden without a final win and shifting the team in
unknown directions with impending free agents, unclear strategy, and unproven prospects. Finally, Dave (comfy back in North Van) considers how the now-officially-official ownership might move forward before summoning Canucks heores of the future to step forth.

Download Sick in the Guts - Canucks Outsider hockey podcast #62 (.mp3, 50:26, 41MB)

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