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Gastown,Gentrification,Geography, & Geeking

By samanthaorwell on January 18, 2008 - 5:23pm

Let me just say…

It has been ridiculously beautiful in Vancouver for the past 3 days. Good lord, if only I had time to enjoy it. Or if only my proctastination-skillz didn't preclude me from enjoying it. Anyhow, let's talk about Workspace. I heard about it last year but the guy describing it was a lame-talker ( i.e. can make anything, even exciting events, sound lame). I rediscovered it somehow by perusing (yes, on Facebook) online. That, coupled with my new found love for Gastown, makes me excited about this idea.

Accident in Gastown

By Smith Milner on October 18, 2007 - 3:07pm

At 4am this morning a car that was under pursuit by police missed the turn at the intersection of Powell St. and Carrall St. narrowly missing the statue of Gassy Jack and rammed straight into the storefront of the O.K. Boot Corrall. Vancouver police Const. Tim Fanning denied that the car was under pursuit, but eyewitnesses say the car was traveling around 150km/h with a police paddy wagon that had sirens blazing close in tow. Everett McGowin, the store owner said that there was over $10,000 in damage, as some of his boots were worth over $1,000. He is insured for the damage but not for loss of business, the store is planning to reopen in two weeks. The Vancouver Sun has more details.

Cheap Winter Clothes

By Smith Milner on October 5, 2007 - 3:27pm

If your looking for stylish and cheap winter clothes I suggest you go to the Westbeach store on Water ST in Gastown. I went this afternoon expecting to see some hugely expensive $400 hat or something. Instead, nearly all the merchandise was at discount there were shells for %30 off and last years coats (who really cares they're from last season, as long as they haven't been used) I bought the Westbeach style:7125 which is normally priced at $289.99 but I received it at $163.84(%50!). So i suggest there or even the Turkey Sale up in Whistler this weekend.
westbeach coat

Cycling East Van to Gastown - N95 Style

By Roland Tanglao on October 3, 2007 - 1:42pm

UPDATE: For those who can't play the Viddler flash version of the movie below, here's the original MPEG-4 movie

I have a brand new shiny Nokia N95-1 phone for a week and have been tasked with recording my commute.

So here's part of my East Van to Gastown commute from yesterday (I would have done the whole thing but I accidentally forgot to turn the recording on).

The New Koolhaus on the Block

By Smith Milner on September 25, 2007 - 12:37pm

Koolhaus openingThe Transylvania Flavour has moved recently and opened up a new location on W. Broadway. Leaving space for a brand new Koolhaus furniture store in its wake. The furniture store could be an improvement to the streets of Gastown. The neighbourhood is seeing a trend from local restaurants leaving, bringing in the new businesses from elsewhere. This new blood can be healthy to the evolving streets of gastown but I hope to keep the restaurants as well (in a perfect world).

Koolhaus is in Roland T's words "one step up from pottery barn" and could be a welcome sight to those in need of chairs and whatnot. Please throw down a comment on what you think.

Cycling Tyee to Gastown

By Roland Tanglao on September 19, 2007 - 12:38pm

Download full res 65 Megabyte MP4 file

Shaky video shot on my Nokia N93 live from my bicycle handheld as I ride from The Tyee school in East Van to Bryght in Gastown.

My bike commute is approximately 5km one way

By Roland Tanglao on September 17, 2007 - 12:46am

According to Google Maps, my commute via bike to/from work in Gastown to home at Woodlands and 15th i.e. Clark Park is approximately 5km.

Check out the map of my bicycling route below. What's your route? Leave a comment.

View Larger Map

Roland's Bike Share Adventure Part 1 - Gastown to Granville Island to East Van

By Roland Tanglao on June 27, 2007 - 10:06pm

[Cross posted from Change Everything]

I have lived in Vancouver since July 12, 1998 but I never biked from Gastown to Granville Island to East Van !


  • Columbia Street is a mess. The Carrall Street Greenway will fix this methinks
  • As I said to a Vancouver Sun reporter, I want it to be like the bike paths in southern Germany where I lived for 3.5 years. No motorized vehicles because there will always be accidents when the two share the same space.
  • Canada Line construction is omnipresent and disrupting every mode of transit!
  • Biking is the best way to learn about a city next to walking.

I took 80 photos of my journey today (yes I am crazy enough to take cameraphone pictures everywhere :-) !)

Here are my favourites (guess where they are :-) ! )

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