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Jelena Bogdanovic

World Poetry Welcomes Jelena Bogdanovic from Serbia!

By worldpoetry on January 17, 2012 - 10:40pm

World Poetrywas born on May 25, 1967 in Bela Crkva, Serbia. She holds a degree in Theology from the Evangelical Theological Faculty in Osijek, Croatia. Today she lives in Belgrade, where she is involved in pastoral/counseling ministry with sub-culture of drug addicts in Belgrade, within the local church “New Horizon”. She also works as a translator and writer. She is married and has one daughter Mihaela (19).
Jelena has published two books of poetry:
1.) “Evoking the rain” – with Terri Williams as a co-author (two-language, Serbian/English edition) – (2007. “New Horizon”)
2.) “The Letters of the Desert Princess” – the journey of the thirsty soul (Serbian, 2011., self-published)


Love has taken of her dress of magnolia
And stood before me, luminous naked
In the light of her transparence
Everything I have on me is needless

What are you going to put on yourself
Before my confused eyes, oh, Love?
If you dress yourself in the cherry tree
Shake off your blossom in my lap
If you dress yourself in the Autumn colors
Let me dance in your amber leaves and laugh

Oh, Love, strip away these dirty garments from me
And dress me in your naked Beauty!


Ljubav je skinula svoju haljinu od magnolije
I stala pred mene, blistavo naga
U svetlu njene prozirnosti
Sve što imam na sebi je suvišno

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