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Joanne Arnott

World Poetry Almanac from Mongolia is onsite at

By worldpoetry on June 1, 2011 - 11:39pm

This important yearbook is edited by WP featured poet Dr. Hadaa Sendoo, founder of the World Poetry Almanac.

The almanac is the most authoritative poetry yearbook focusing on contemporary poetry and poetics. Published every March-April the 2010 edition of 330 pages, includes poems of 188 poets from over 100 countries. It also features discussions on poetry, book reviews, interviews, academic papers and International Poetry Festivals in 2010.
The almanac includes works by the following poets from Canada: Bernice Lever, Andrew Parkin, Alejandro Mujica-Olea, Ariadne Sawyer, Joanne Arnott, and Peter Lojewski.

The almanac has been enthusiastically received in international poetry circles and copies have been donated to the following organizations: The British Library, UNESCO Library, the Library of Congress USA, the Swedish Academy and Frankfurt Book Fair.

World Poetry Almanac release information:
In Asia:

In Canada:
In Spain
In Latin America

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