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Dear Richard Florida: You aren't nearly as offensive as I thought

By samanthaorwell on January 18, 2008 - 5:28pm

After constantly bashing Richard Florida in almost anything I write I decided to actually read his books. You can't be a good critic if you don't know what you are criticizing. So I finally borrowed Richard Florida's The Rise of the Creative Class from the library. Buying it is not an option- I don't want to give any money to that hack. It's not like I was devoid of all his writings. I read excerpts, his articles, discussed his ideas through seminars. They always offended me. I think I was introduced to Florida in 2003. A year after he came out with the book and a couple years after he introduced his thesis through articles. So it is a fairly new concept even though it feels old (probably because I've been bashing Florida's thesis for years). I was even informed that it was quite the hot topic in scholarly circles. So I'm glad I feel I have a grasp of the whole field since I've been following it almost since conception.

Anyhow, I haven't even finished the book. In fact, I'm only on Chapter 3. But I have to admit, his thesis isn't as offensive as I thought. I just don't think it's necessarily constructive.

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