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Neamat Haidari

World Poetry Proudly Presents an Award to Neamat Haidari from Afghanistan!

By worldpoetry on June 24, 2012 - 9:21pm

World Poetry is honoured to present the talented poet, photographer and filmmaker Neamat Haidari with a Empowered Filmmaker Award for his talent and quest for peace. He is a fine example of the Afghan youth who work tirelessly to present an alternative persceptive on Afghanistan, one of talent, culture and abilities. World Poetry also works to present positive images and support of this country that has been through so much.

Neamat writes: “Hi Ms. Ariadne Sawyer and World Poetry,
I want to cut down on my words and say: peace is the shine of first daylight which precedes the glow of prosperity.

I am really thankful to you for providing the chance to the youth generation by launching such momentous festivals which give them the opportunity to reveal and display their talents through poems and pictures.

I do not actually have the ability to thank you in a way that you deserve. This occasion has really encouraged me to put more tenacious steps towards my peace goal for the world especially for my hometown Afghanistan.

Thanks NH”

Brief Film Bio of the Afghan Filmmaker and director Nematullah Haidari.
Nematullah Haidari was born in Afghanistan Kabul 1981, He graduated from high school in Iran Tehran, now he is studying political science at Mashal Institute for higher education.

World Poetry Canada International Peace Festival 2012 A Great Success!

By worldpoetry on June 17, 2012 - 9:19pm

World Poetry Canada International Peace Festival 2012 A Great Success!

World Poetry is excited to report a wonderful and inspiring festival with poetry exhibits, talented International and National poets, speakers and dancers. The World Poetry Youth Team with interim leader, Kimberly Tsan hosted an interactive panel which was praised by all. 275 gift poems were given out at the exhibitions and as gifts to the public. At the New Westminster Public Library on May 23rd, 46-53 people welcomed the poets with a lovely cake, book launches and readings.

The main event was at the Richmond Cultural Centre, May 25-26 with the three themes of Inspire, Achieve and Celebrate!

A World Poetry Lifetime Achievement Award to Richard Doiron and the Empowerment Series Awards to the International poets visiting from Japan, India and other countries. Over 152 people attended during the two day festivities.

In addition, there were two Poetic Necklace Exhibits, one from May 4-28 at the University Of British Columbia Library, Vancouver, BC and one at the Richmond Cultural Centre, Richmond, Canada, May 25-26th.

World Poetry Canada & International Peace Festival Participants.

By worldpoetry on February 29, 2012 - 6:41pm

World Poetry National and International Participants, (visa permiting) for the World Poetry Canada& International Peace Festival, May 25-26, 2012. Send your peace poem for the World Poetry Peace E-Book which will be free on site in our new e-book section. Register to celebrate peace with us!

Here is the list of participants planning to attend the World Poetry Canada & International Festival, Inspire, Achieve, Celebrate, One Step Closer to Peace… at the Richmond Cultural Centre, May 25, 26 2012. There will also be other WP venues during the month of May.

Richard Doiron, World Poetry Lifetime Achievement Award Winner 2012, poet/author. Journalism graduate from New Brunswick, He has been published 47 years, 42 of those as a poet. Estimated 1000 poems published to date. Twice nominated for the Governor-General’s Award. Work read at the United Nations University for Peace (2000). Twice published alongside the likes of the Dalai Lama, by invitation. Author of 17 books in total, including two novels and two biographical works. He will be receiving his award on May 25at the World Poetry Canada& International Festival.

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