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Seeking Optimism on a Day of Mourning [cross-posted]

By uncleweed on May 4, 2007 - 5:59pm

[Cross posted from Hockey NW]

Canucks Outsider heads to the dog days of summerDespite the support of dog nation, the Canucks beat themselves last night with a less than stellar effort in the biggest game of the year.  Sure by halfway through the 3rd period, they were rolling ... a bit ... Burrows (the Uni-brower), sniper of 2 goals this year (and half a dozen disallowed markers) jammed one home to give us life - enough where we knew one of the lads would come through in Overtime like so many times before in this the "season of one goal games," right?  Someone *will* score.

We all made our picks but no one chose what happened - shoot, the shooter was heading to the bench unaware he'd scored.  Luongo knows what happened, he won't forget for quite some time.

So now is the time we seek positives to take away - i spieled on this for much time last night in my post-Neidermeyer haze - but the "isn't it super how we did better than expected" feeling is settling in my belly like a Denny's hangover breakfast - a bit queasy now but should absorb the poison ... eventually. 

Alive for Game Five! Canucks Outsider Servin' it up Homestyle tonight

By uncleweed on May 3, 2007 - 3:07pm

Alive for Game Five!
Canucks Outsider Servin' it up Homestyle

May 3rd ~ 5:30PM PST ~

Roasting Ducks for Game 5

Mr. Furley and his cameras are heading to my confines in North Van for the impending Canucks win tonight - Game 5 pucks drops at 6PM PST so we'll try to fire up by 5:30 or so.

Same channels etc. and hopefully a solid stream and working chat for all three periods. 

Firing it Up Live Game 4 vs Ducks Tonight - Canucks Outsider Alive for the Playoffs Rolls on

By uncleweed on May 1, 2007 - 9:59am

Firing it Up Live! Game 4 vs Ducks Tonight
Canucks Outsider "Alive for the Playoffs" Rolls on


Down 2-1 to the Ducks - No Big Deal!   The Canucks have found way to adjust and step it up throughout this season so hop online tonight while they do it again tonight. Canucks Outsider will hit the internets around 7PM via  Just hop on or login for your own chat handle so we know who you are. 

Canucks Outsider Live podcast
photo Left Antler

Roasting Ducks in Overtime - Canucks Outsider podcast #53

By uncleweed on April 30, 2007 - 2:26pm

Just before OT in Game 2 versus the Ducks, Dave and Dan Funboy review the recent action including the pandemonium following the Game 7 victory over the Dallas Stars.  They talk about heroes - both new and vintage - stepping it up for playoff glory, plus outline key matchups against the Ducks and highlight noteworthy performances for and against the Stars. 

Finally, after the late night win, Dave recounts Cowan's heroics and drops in a few recent mainstream media appearences (CTV, CBC, CKNW + Dallas Stars podcast and Vancouver Courier). 

Download Roasting Ducks in Overtime - Canucks Outsider #53 (.mp3, 24:24, 45MB)

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By catalyst on April 16, 2007 - 4:51pm

An energy is building in this city and who knows how far it will go. According to statistics we have never had a stronger hockey team than the 2007 Canucks. Currently up 2-1 in their first round against the Dallas Stars, the team has potential to bring this city to mayhem (let us not forget the '94 run to the finals). In light of this feeling of community, organik has planned a musical performance to dazzle sports fans between periods, as to 'keep the party going'. So slap on your jersey or lucky socks, underwear, or whathaveyou and bring it down to earls on fir (1601 W.Broadway) this Thursday @ 7pm for a night of entertainment sure to make it a game to remember (even if we lose). Watch the game, enjoy the food, guzzle some drinks, and stay for a post-game set by the band. Indeed go canucks go, because the further they make it the more organik playoff nights there will be at various locations throughout this great city of ours. For more info on the band visit and be certain to subscribe to (or-blog'nik) to receive all the latest news delivered straight to your e-mail inbox. See you at game 5!!

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