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Maria Mak. Burnaby Real Estate Agents . Metro Vancouver Realtors

By Maria Mak - Sut... on August 19, 2012 - 10:11pm

Technology has been a driving force behind the transformation of many industries. While real estate remains a people business, consumers today have access to scores of information that can help them find an property, a REALTOR® and connect all the dots in between.

Purchasing a home will likely be the most important buying decision you’ll ever have to make so it is important to do your own research, understand your rights and find professionals that you are most comfortable working with.

If you’re deciding whether to buy or sell a home, it’s critical that you understand and properly assess your personal and financial circumstances against current housing opportunities.

The REALTORS® of Canada and other real estate professionals have provided a wealth of information online to help you understand what opportunities are out there for you and your family to consider.

Maria Mak. Burnaby Realtors - * Latest Housing Market Updates* - when someone asks how house prices are doing....

By Maria Mak - Sut... on July 23, 2012 - 12:23pm

When someone asks how house prices are doing in a particular neighbourhood, the question seems easily answered.

The big real estate boards all issue monthly price reports that spell out what the average selling price was in the previous month and how that compares to the month, and the year, before.

But there's a problem with trying to divine market direction from average price data. It's just too blunt a tool.

If real estate — as the saying goes — is really about "location, location, location," then average prices frequently don’t capture the reality of what's going on in a particular city or neighbourhood.

Calculating the average house price is as simple as adding up the prices realized for all home sales in a particular month and dividing by the number of sales. The problem with that metric begins to emerge, however, when one or more parts of the housing market don't act in tandem with all the other segments, as they seldom do.

Maria Mak. Burnaby Real Estate Agents. Burnaby Realtors @ Sutton Centre Realty- * latest mortgage news*

By Maria Mak - Sut... on June 30, 2012 - 7:15pm

OTTAWA — The federal government is moving once again to tighten mortgage-lending rules amid lingering concerns about an overheated housing market and rising household debt levels.

In a decision called for by some of the big banks — and one that's expected to soften housing prices — Finance Minister Jim Flaherty announced Thursday the federal government is reducing the maximum amortization period for a government-insured mortgage to 25 years from 30 years.

It's the third time the Harper government has reduced the maximum amortization period in the last four years, after it initially increased the lengths of mortgage terms to make it easier for Canadians to purchase homes.

The government has since ratcheted it back from 40 years to 35 in 2008, and then further reduced it to 30 years in 2011.

Visit Maria Mak's website for all detailed mortage rules being effective July 9th 2012, or contact Maria Mak and her mortgage teams @ 604-839-6368 for details.

Maria Mak - Burnaby Realtor - I feel extremely lucky....

By Maria Mak - Sut... on September 6, 2009 - 9:05pm

Some people seem to walk through life charmed, with a lucky turn waiting around every corner. Most of us, however, tend to find our luck in little ways throughout the days by capturing the moments that mean the most to us and keeping those memories close at heart.

I feel extremely lucky each and every day… lucky to be able to count my blessings… lucky to be able to care for my family and friends… and lucky to be able to truly do my best for those around me. How fortunate we are to have new chances, new challenges and new discoveries waiting for us. No need for lucky charms or four-leaf clovers, not when we have the opportunity to continuously learn, grow, give back and contribute to this wonderful world we live in.

I am blessed to work in an industry that allows me to do just that. As a REALTOR®, I have the opportunity to serve my community by sharing my real estate knowledge and experience with people who are very important in my life: my customers. I will always be here for you, with undeniable passion and unwavering commitment. The way I see it, the best part is the fun I have making good friends and lasting memories along the way! How lucky is that?

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