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MiLan Metis Healing Art Project - MMHAP

By earthmilan on February 15, 2008 - 6:42pm

MMHAP began in June of 2004.

Earth worship has always been an important part of humanity. Earth rituals demonstrate our belief that the Earth has healing properties. In fact, the Earth was so sacred to the ancient civilizations that for centuries they would settle legal disputes by calling upon the Earth as a witness. If a person were to swear an oath while placing an item created by the forces of Nature on one’s head, it was considered binding and uncontestable.

The MiLan Metis Healing Art Project-MMHAP is a modern approach to a ritual carried on for centuries by human beings. MMHAP’s ritual includes the calcium shells that protected life along the Pacific shores of English Bay, the driftwood that has drifted in the ocean for an indefinite period, to the Granite high up in the mountains near Whistler. The eight cardinal points of the Earth are represented by natural fire, and Water is honored as well in most of the MMHAP pieces.
Canadian Aboriginal Metis Artist Mark MiLan intends this artistic ritual to bring additional good to the Canadian Aboriginal Metis Peoples, as he also hopes that this project inspires others to take notice and better care of our dearest Mother Earth.

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