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World Poetry \canada and International festival.

World Poetry welcomes Ahousaht Elder Amelia Barney, winner of the Empowered Artist Award!

By worldpoetry on May 21, 2012 - 11:35pm

Ariadne’s Note: I would like to explain about the World Poetry Empowered Series Awards.

The word “Empowered” focuses on being the best you can be, letting go of negative delusions and allowing that bright light that we all have within us to grow. Empowered creates a space for talents and insights to emerge and to share that beauty with the world. Elder Amelia Barney is one such example. We are honoured to present her here.

Ahousaht Elder Amelia Barney has created the lovely cedar flowers gifts especially for the World Poetry Canada International Peace Festival participants. Cedar weaving using the bark from the cedar tree traditionally was used for clothing, hats and blankets, being water proof and light. It played a large part in the traditional life of the people; the cedar has as much importance as the eagle. Cedar was also used for cleansing and had a strong spiritual aspect. The cedar bark is harvested with care and blessings.

Amelia has made these cedar flowers gifts with love for our World Poetry Family. We are deeply honoured to present these precious gifts to our National and International guests. They can take home a little bit of the proud Ahousaht First Nation to remind them of the Peace Festival.

Background information on Ahousaht taken from the Ahousaht First Nation site:

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